Wang Wu beside Wang Shouren stole a look at Wang Shouren and opened his mouth.
With a sigh, Wang Shouren seems to have noticed Wang Wu’s small move. "It’s almost time. I will order everyone to attack the city together."
Wang Wu smell speech is not a startled look at Wang Shouren is obviously didn’t think that Wang Shouren would make the army attack command.
However, after Wang Wu reacted, no matter what he thought in his heart, he could be awed.
Soon, Wang Shouren ordered that there were more than 10,000 military forces tied up in addition to the battle-damaged foot soldiers, and they left for Nanchang like a tidal wave.
The original beat back a wave of attacks by the imperial court, and Zhu Gong suddenly saw Fang’s dense army and suddenly became surprised.
Realizing that this may be a blow from Wang Shouren, Zhu Gong couldn’t help screaming and yelling, "Everyone, if you disobey the order, you will be killed!"
Zhu Gongju, dressed in silver armor, roared hard and saw teams of foot soldiers pouring into the wall and looking at the dark army with some fear.
One ladder after another built a wall, and the number of ladders was more than twice that of the previous ones. Obviously, during the previous siege, the imperial court hid some strength, but now it put all its strength out.
"Kill kill …"
Zhu Gongju led his own hand to defend the city wall and walked around to kill a foot soldier who rushed to the city wall.
I have to say that Zhu Gongju’s own ability is not bad. He dares to appear in this wall to kill the enemy. If he doesn’t say less, it is not something that ordinary people can have. It is no wonder that Ning Wang will hand over the defense of Nanchang City to Zhu Gongju instead of Ning Wangshi.
Looking at the wall, Zhu Gongkuang attacked and killed many imperial soldiers and horses rushing to the wall, followed by Wang Shouren and Wang Wu, and said with a frown, "My Lord, this king Yichun is really not simple. If he hadn’t been in town, he was afraid that Nanchang City would have been breached."
Wang Shouren glanced at Wang Zhu Gong of Yichun lightly and said, "Zhu Gong is the backbone of Nanchang City. If Zhu Gong dies, Nanchang City will be broken!"
Wang Wu smell speech is not from one leng at the moment Wang Shouren stretched out his hand and took the bow and arrow across the horse and then bent his bow and arrow.
Hear whew an arrow broken away.
Is the city wall command foot soldiers against the wall imperial military forces Zhu Gongju suddenly gives birth to something of a chill consciousness towards the city wall.
A look at Zhu Gongju can’t help but shrink his eyes and want to avoid it. Unfortunately, he is a step behind.
He saw an arrow accurately sinking into Zhu Gong’s chest.
Zhu Gong and his soft hands tried to build the city wall, and his eyes fell on the city. Wang Shouren was separated by more than ten feet and his eyes looked at each other.
There was a wry smile at the corner of his mouth, and Zhu Gong was screaming in his ear and sighing in his heart that Nanchang was finished!
"Yichun Wang is dead! Yichun Wang is dead!"
A cry sounded, and the original Yichun king led the inspiration to barely hold the city. The rebels suddenly heard that Yichun king had died. Naturally, everyone could not believe that their consciousness looked in the direction of Yichun king.
After all, King Yichun has been here all the time, and this wall urges everyone to resist the imperial army. Whether King Yichun is alive or dead will be known at a glance.
But when everyone looked around, they didn’t see the silver figure in armor, even the tower. That pole represented the flagpole of Yichun Wang Shuaiqi, and they didn’t know when it was shot off by an arrow.
"Yichun Wang is dead, everyone run!"
"The city has broken and fled!"
Especially at this time, several waves of imperial military forces rushed to the wall again, without the encouragement of Yichun king’s bid, and the psychological impact caused by Yichun king’s death to these rebels, I don’t know how many rebel soldiers were stunned at the moment.
Suddenly someone was tall and shouted, so these foot soldiers could almost throw their weapons in their hands and turn around and flee.
Even King Yichun died in battle. How can they keep Nanchang City?
It was this idea that shocked almost half of the rebels to give up guarding the city wall, and as a result, a large number of imperial troops boarded the city wall and occupied a section of the city wall
As these foot soldiers on the wall stabilized the situation, the foot soldiers rushed in, and finally the situation on the wall reversed.
It’s just a cup of tea time since Yichun Wang Zhu Gong was shot by Wang Shouren. With the creaking sound, the imperial army of Chengmendong in Nanchang City rushed into Nanchang City with excitement.
Wang Wu followed Wang Shouren with excitement and laughter.
The news that the city was broken was too sudden. Before Zhu Gong was shot, the city was stable. Although it was said that the city wall was attacked several times, it was driven away again and again.
Wang Shi, Zhongning, the body of the palace, said that he had never been able to deal with Zhu Gongju, but it was not all stupid. He knew very well that he would have to rely on Zhu Gongju to defend Nanchang. He let go and handed over the guarding city to Zhu Gongju.
Wang Shi, Zhongning, who was in the palace, couldn’t help frowning at Wan Rui when he heard the faint cry of killing. "Do you think that Wang Yichun can keep Nanchang City?"
Wan Rui smiled slightly. "King Yichun is aloof, but he still has the ability. Otherwise, the report will not hand over Nanchang City to him to guard."
Ning Wangshi sighed, "I hope he won’t let his father down!"
While talking for a while, Wang Shi Ning couldn’t help but be shocked and said, "Manager Wan, send someone to see what’s going on!"
This sudden Tathagata noise is better than Wang Shi. Even Wan Rui can’t help but feel uneasy when his eyes shrink. Wang Shi told Wan Rui to immediately order a waiter beside him to check it out.
Before leaving the palace, the waiter saw a general in a mess, which was far worse than rushing into the palace. "The world event is not good. King Yichun was shot by Wang Shouren and killed by the imperial army in the chaos of the city wall … The imperial army has entered the city!"
When Ning Wangshi heard this, his face suddenly showed horror. After the reaction, Ning Wangshi was like a cat on hot bricks pulling Wan Rui. "It’s so good that Wang Yichun, the general manager, is dead and Nanchang City is broken. It’s so good!"
Wan Rui took a deep breath and pointed out, "I’ll protect you from Nanchang and let’s go to find the Lord!"
Just like grasping the straw, Ning Wangshi repeatedly said, "Go to the father and everything will be safe when you get to the father!"
Soon a group of Wangfu pro-guards and guardians Ning Wangshi went out of Wangfu and headed for another gate.
At the same time, the imperial army also entered Nanchang city, and the whole city of Nanchang fell.
A general in front of Ning Wangfu looked respectfully towards Wang Shouren, saying, "At the end of the adult, people and others are late. Ning Wangshi has already escaped first, but Ning Wang has not come to get away, including Princess Ning."
The general was very excited. Everyone didn’t have much confidence in attacking Nanchang, but Wang Shouren led everyone to attack Nanchang.