It’s a pity that the old man posed for him to pull the Lord of Fengyuan Temple and die together. He didn’t wait for Chu Yi and others to ask him, so he turned a streamer to drown the Lord of Fengyuan Temple directly.
Voice down to see a dazzling and horrible energy aftermath swept the party, even Chu Yi they these Tianzhu condition the strong are instantly hit by spitting blood and flying out for dozens of miles.
At first, Chu Yi, Wang Yang, Yue Fei and others were able to block the terrorist shock wave of the sweeping side.
The two heavenly pillars in the strong mutually assured destruction, the aftermath of terrorist energy, when it really ripples, even the great imperial city thousands of miles away will disappear for the first time.
On the same day, when the energy fluctuation of terror dissipates gradually, everyone can’t help but look at Xiang Wentian’s old man, Fengyuan Temple, and see that a piece of virtual terror is submerged by virtual turbulence, and that virtual turbulence strangles everything. Even the strong in Tianzhu may not be able to persist for a moment.
A rush of thoughts swept through the heavens and the earth for dozens of breaths. Chu Yi and others took back their thoughts and heard Chu Yi slowly say, "The old man who asked for heaven has fallen!"
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixty I am weaker than others!
After all, the vitality of the strong in Tianzhu is too strong, but anyone who still has a trace of source can drop blood and be reborn. Although everyone looks at the candlestick and pulls the Lord of Fengyuan Temple to die together, no one can guarantee that the candlestick will really fall.
Nowadays, all the people are obsessed with the idea that they are not aware of the smell of the old man, which means that the fall of the old man may account for 99% less, so it depends on God’s will.
If God does not extinguish the words of the candlestick, then no one can say anything. Everyone judges that the candlestick can’t have his hope of life except his fall.
Seeing the old man fall from the candlestick with his own eyes, Fengxixian couldn’t help sighing, but it was only an hour’s work, and she witnessed the fall of several strong statues of Tianzhu.
Whether it’s a real person, a true man or a master of Fengyuan Temple, these are all so-called immortality. Even tens of thousands of years ago, I may not have heard that there was a strong fall of Tianzhu.
When the old man of the candlestick fell, the spirit of the candlestick Sect collapsed completely, and some brothers who were loyal to the candlestick actually jumped on them like crazy. The big soldiers tried their best to pull some people and they died together.
However, Yue Fei, Zhao Yun and Lu Bu are naturally unable to let this happen. Seeing that this doom is coming to an end, it is their dereliction of duty to let all the soldiers die again.
Take a deep breath. When the temple master looked at the fall of Fengyuan Temple, he couldn’t help but feel a burst of terror. He secretly rejoiced. Although he said that he had surrendered to the Great God, after all, he didn’t do anything like Fengyuan Temple Master, so he took the initiative to deal with the old man who was hated by him, and finally he was dragged by him to die together.
Everyone’s eyes can’t help but fall into a trance. There, the main body of Kunyang Temple has no disdain for the strong of Kunyang Temple.
After all, the main position of Kunyang Temple is that the main body of Kunyang Temple is a member of the true Sect, and it is natural for the true Sect to deal with the big Kunyang Temple together. This is the root position.
It can even be said that Zhao Yun and Lu Bu seem that Kunyang Temple is less subjective than backstab’s candlestick and old man Fengyuan Temple.
Of course, Pei Guipei and both sides belong to hostility, so several figures fell around and faintly surrounded the main Kunyang Temple.
In the face of several statues of Tianzhu surrounded by the strong, it is said that it is the master of Kunyang Temple. Even if the old man is resurrected, he will never escape. However, when the master of Kunyang Temple was surrounded, he looked up and saw everyone without showing fear.
Looking at Kunyang Temple Master with a complicated look, Tianyi Temple Master will see that the previous step of Kunyang Temple Master calmly looked at the main road of Kunyang Temple. "Kunyang Daoyou Patriarch has died, and he has never been sorry for the Patriarch, and he has never been sorry for the candlestick, but now that the candlestick has become a thing of the past, Daoyou should also consider it yourself."
The master of Kunyang Temple took a faint look at the master of Tianyi Temple and said, "If you want to persuade me to surrender to the Great God, I’m afraid your mind will be white."
It was a sentence that blocked the Tianyi Temple Master from trying to talk. Tianyi Temple Master frowned and stared at Kunyang Temple Master and finally sighed, "It’s just that everyone has his own ideas, so I can’t say anything more!"
With these days, the temple master took a step back, but the temple master in Kunyang felt sorry for it.
He persuaded the master of Kunyang Temple with some selfishness. The master of Tianyi Temple knew very well that his previous choice to surrender to the Great God was bound to be looked down upon by most people.
If you can have a person who usually surrenders and talks so little, you can help him share it, can’t you?
To have the owner of Fengyuan Temple can help him share the high level. Some people have abandoned the owner of Naifengyuan Temple, and he was dragged by the old man to die together. He didn’t think about whether to say the owner of Kunyang Temple.
If a statue of Tianzhu is strong, it will be a great help to the Great God in any case. When Tianyi Temple Master tried to persuade Kunyang Temple Master, everyone looked at Kunyang Temple Master.
Seeing that the master of Kunyang Temple rejected the master of Tianyi Temple, some people showed disappointment and could not help showing admiration at the same time. After all, it is admirable that there are not many people who can die like the master of Kunyang Temple before making a choice between life and death.
The master of Kunyang Temple straightened his clothes and bowed in the direction of the Sect of Heaven. Then the whole person sat cross-legged and recited in his mouth, and gradually a flame rose.
This flame originated from the main body of Kunyang Temple, which went straight into the Yuan God. The whole person was burned by this flame. After a few breaths, the owner of Kunyang Temple turned into a fly ash and vanished.
The meditation of the master of Kunyang Temple indicates the decline of the Sect of Heaven. Except for a part of the disciples who were loyal to the Sect of Heaven and followed the master of Kunyang Temple, the rest of them were driven out of their wits and took the seal away with the help of big soldiers.
It’s just a few months since the Great God Dynasty almost collapsed, and it took such a thrilling ride, from one statue of Tianzhu in a row to nearly ten statues of Tianzhu in the strong.
It’s good to ask for the Sect of Heaven, but it’s not a great driving force for growth at present. If there is no pressure from the Sect of Heaven, even if it develops rapidly, it is absolutely impossible for the Great God to have a good situation today.
After all, if there were no pressure from the Sect of Heaven, there would probably be a strong Tianzhu, but it is absolutely impossible for so many people to appear in succession, and it is impossible for others to break through even if Chu Yi is not the only one.
After all, there is no tianyi temple master to give Zhu Houzhao a direction. Chu Yi and Yue Fei will certainly not break through because of this.
It is said that for the big man, the Sect of Asking for Heaven is both doom and opportunity, just as it was destined to be an opportunity after the Great God entered this world.
If you can get through it, the great god will fly into the sky. If you have the strength and background in this world, you will naturally be married to others.
Fortunately, the great god helped Chu Yi to turn this opportunity into a driving force for growth.
A grand imperial city rose from the ground, and the emperor was almost in ruins because of the war. Now, in terms of scale and area, this building symbolizes the great god’s pilgrimage to the core, and the emperor can be regarded as a monster.
More importantly, the defense force of this imperial city has soared several times less than before. Even a statue of Tianzhu in which the strong attack the imperial city rashly may not be able to break.
Chu Yi, Zhu Houzhao, several big statues of Tianzhu in a big hall, and the strong look dignified at Tianyi Temple Lord at this time.
The master of Tianyi Temple asked Tian Zong, a strong man in Tianzhu, knew more about the secrets of Tian Zong than many people in the world.
But at the moment, they listened to Tianyi Temple and told them some secret common sense of this world.
Hear Zhu Houzhao looked at tianyi temple main road "tianyi temple master I have always been curious about what you don’t try your best to come at one time. If one of you comes at that time, I am not an opponent …"
Tianyi Temple Master can’t help but sigh slightly and reveal a somewhat complicated look, just as Zhu Houzhao said. If it is said that the previous theory is that they are the three main halls or the old man who asked for it, then take the Great God and make a fuss.
Tianyi Temple Master said slowly, "I don’t know what it is. When we knew that the Great God was a god, the first thing we thought of was that it might be as secret. I don’t know what kind of temptation a god has for many big powers. Once the news gets out, we can’t bear the pressure of those big powers alone. If we are not careful, we will be erased by those big powers."
Zhu Houzhao, Chu Yi, and others smell the words and show a sudden color. They have been curious about what the old man and others have crushed the strength of the Great God, but they have refused to make moves. Now, after hearing what the Lord of Tianyi Temple said, they finally came in vain.
It’s not that the old man didn’t want to do it, but they didn’t dare to take risks. Once the news leaked, even the Sect of the true man would be erased because of the great god.