Gu Qingshan
He has been flying to the top of the mountain with the sword of the six sacred mountains.
He rushed to the colorful spear.
Demons on the other side of the distance are crashing again.
They are watching this scene closely and can’t wait to see colorful spears harvesting life.
Gu Qingshan rushed along a hillside.
Colorful spear seems too lazy to ignore for a long time didn’t respond.
Until Gu Qingshan flew halfway-
A spear shadow diverged from the colorful spear and cut to Gu Qingshan.
This spear shadow is hundreds of meters long, and it reaches Gu Qingshan with a flash.
Death is imminent
The moment Gu Qingshan will be killed by spear shadow.
See Gu Qingshan face unchanged body side flash disappeared from the spear shadow.
Shrinking into inches
Gu Qingshan changed his position and continued to charge toward the top of the mountain across the colorful spear shadow.
During the flyby, he shrunk the land into inches again.
The long distance is shortened in an instant.
He’s almost to the top of the mountain!
The other side came so easily and so quickly, which seemed to surprise the colorful spear.
It released three spears in succession and cut to Gu Qingshan together.
I haven’t even enjoyed 36 yellow weapons like this.
Three spear shadows are connected before and after to completely cover this mountain peak.
Gu Qingshan’s mind locked the last spear shadow.
-the magical skills are transformed!
The moment he and the last spear shadow exchanged places.
Gu Qingshan arrived at the top of the mountain.
It’s time to see the truth!
Gu Qingshan’s figure moves close to the colorful spear.
In an instant, the colorful spear light and shadow skyrocketed.
It is about to release several spear shadows again.
Gu Qingshan beat the sword!
The sword of the Six Realms Mountain obliquely picks out a sword awn.
Colorful spear hurries to shoot a spear shadow and chop the sword mans into pieces.
an instant
Second spear shadow
The third spear shadow
The fourth spear shadow
The fifth spear shadow
Colorful light and shadow come one after another
This is the most dangerous moment. Gu Qingshan can’t even start his magic skills. He can take back the sword of the six sacred mountains and resist it.
Opposite Guqingshan
Colorful spear
A sword mans suddenly appeared from the other side of its side.
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