"Is everything ready?" The cold sound of the Lord’s voice made the surrounding waiters’ eyes look frightened!
"Miss is ready!" An urn, an urn, an air sound reverberates in the castle of black sand!
"Let’s go!" Lord said coldly, close your eyes!
The door of Heisha Castle is closed, and several people in the dark city watch Heisha Castle rise slowly!
"What is this situation?"
"How did the Black Sand Castle fly?"
"Metal life?"
People in the dark city are talking about it. They look shocked when they look at the rising black sand castle. They never thought that the black sand castle turned out to be a metal life.
Many strong people in Zhengsheng Heisha Castle are located at the bottom, constantly injecting their divine power into the crystal ball in front of them, and Heisha Castle is flying with energy!
It takes a lot of energy to support the flight of such a huge black sand castle, but this huge consumption requires many strong people to give it together. Only in this way can we keep the black sand castle flying continuously!
Several people watched the huge roar of Heisha Castle quickly turn into a huge snake and quickly leave the dark city.
And this scene is to make several people forget them and imagine how powerful Heisha Castle is!
Windson at the moment is at ease to metal life divine power crazy into metal life moving forward quickly.
From the news that Yulan Mainland God is in two places at once, Lin Feng already knows that Lin Lei and others have left the Amethyst Mountains at the moment and Lin Lei has seen the Lord God of Bauhinia and become an angel of the Lord God of Bauhinia!
Windson knew that the two brothers should be able to meet again in the deep and remote blue mansion on the mainland. Thought of here, Windson’s eyes couldn’t help showing a glimmer of expectation, expecting the two brothers to meet each other.
Metal life is advancing rapidly. Windson concentrates on controlling metal life in the direction of the dark sea!
And the black sand castle rising from the dark city is also moving in the direction of the dark sea, moving rapidly in the huge snake, and no one dares to disturb it.
Everyone can feel the powerful breath of Teng snake, and no one is stupid even though they know that there should be a lot of wealth in the huge Teng snake!
From time to time, the cold look flashed in the eyes of the Lord in the snake, which made the surrounding maids dare not make a louder sound!
"Forest air here I come! Let’s play slowly! " It’s very gloomy when the Lord’s voice swings in the room!
Windson still doesn’t know that the Lord behind him has made track for him. It seems that the Lord won’t make track for him. After all, they don’t have much hatred!
Besides, do you allow the Lord to calculate himself? And you are not allowed to fight back?
But windson forgot the needle in a woman’s heart!
Metal life speed soon windson soon see tens of thousands of miles away from their dark sea but this time windson heart couldn’t help a doubt!
If that dark sea is so easy to find, why are there so many people who don’t know where it is?
Thought of here windson eyes deeply doubt metal life speed also couldn’t help slow down!
Suddenly, Lin Feng noticed that there was a little change in the metal life side. Lin Feng fell from it when the metal life disappeared in his heart!
When Lin Feng fell to the ground, his face changed. He found that the ground was not land but a swamp!
Swamp to great attraction windson can feel his body slowly sinking into the swamp more and more deep.
Wind elements around windson condensed and dragged windson body to make windson body lighter than.
But strangely, the attraction from the swamp is getting bigger and bigger. Although Lin Feng controls his body floating, he can still feel the strong attraction from the swamp!
Nai shook his head and gave me a Nai look in Lin Feng’s eyes. When his hand gently turned over, huge metal life appeared in front of Lin Feng!
Before windson enters the metal life, windson feels the strong attraction in the swamp and makes the metal life be sucked into the swamp in the blink of an eye!
Seeing the metal life trapped in the swamp, Lin Feng’s eyes couldn’t help showing a little lucky color. Fortunately, he didn’t enter the metal life!
But how can we get through this swamp now?
Chapter three hundred and seventy-one Powerful weapons
There is a swamp around the dark sea, which makes people have no chance to reach the dark sea.
Lin Fengling maintained a deep thinking look in his eyes, trying to find a way to cross the swamp.
Suddenly, there was a surprised look in Lin Feng’s eyes. In his knowledge, he found a huge snake metal life coming towards the dark sea. From the huge snake metal life, Lin Feng felt a familiar smell.
There was a flash of light in my eyes. Lin Feng had guessed who was in Teng Snake’s life. Lin Feng couldn’t help mumbling, "Why is she here?"
I want to find a place to hide my body, but there is a vast expanse around me, and there may be no hiding place for him except going deep into the swamp.
But windson is afraid to enter the swamp and feel the strong attraction of the swamp. Windson has some doubts that he should come out after going in.
Nai shook his head, and Lin Feng’s in-situ eyes were flashing, waiting for the arrival of huge snake metal life.
Windson know Lord should have found himself at this time!
"Oh, wait for me?" Lord reveals a sneer at the corners of his mouth, but windson figure has been found.
It wasn’t long before the huge snake metal life came to the front of Lin Feng, and the huge snake floated in front of Lin Feng’s eyes and gave me a surprised look.
Windson’s discovery may be a coincidence or a black sand castle has long known that there is a strange swamp here. Windson found that the huge Teng snake did not enter the swamp, and Windson’s eyes couldn’t help but flash a look of regret.
"Why? Very disappointed! " The Lord’s tonic sounded and Lin Feng looked up only to find the Lord’s huge snake head!
"It seems that you should have known that there is a strange swamp here!" Windson light said the body rose slowly.
Lord gave me a sneer at the corner of his mouth and looked at windson’s eyes full of murder and said coldly, "windson, do you know? What I hate most is not being controlled by chess! "
How can it be that the black sword appears and Lin Feng hands are not white for the Lord’s meaning?
The main divine power is swallowed by Lin Feng’s blue halo, and the black sword in Lin Feng’s hand is pointed at Lin Feng, but everything is ready!
"hum? Just you? " Lord said coldly, gently waving a huge snake, but there are many small holes in the metal life, and one after another is similar to the magic crystal cannon!
Look at the huge Teng snake metal life change windson heart is suddenly a bad feeling from these weapons launched windson feel deadly threat.
"What is this?" Lin Fengyin is bitter.
"Guess!" Lord looked at windson is suddenly smiled and said let windson couldn’t help a stay.
"cannon!" The cold sound made Lin Feng’s eyes show deep dignified color and his body quickly moved towards the depths of the swamp.
Facing these weapons, Lin Feng felt very uneasy. Although Lin Feng was not very familiar with the swamp, he chose to enter the depths of the swamp.
Powerful energy constantly converge to the weapon similar to the magic crystal gun. Windson can feel the transient of the surrounding elements thinner than Windson’s face. The flight speed really accelerates suddenly!
"Lock the target!"
Boom, boom, boom, boom.
After a short delay, several powerful energy balls are like raindrops, heading for Lin Fenghong. Lin Feng feels that everything behind him has become distorted. Lin Feng’s face is deeply bitter!
Armor emerged Lin Fengshen powerful divine power to build many protective layers around the body, but feeling the powerful energy fluctuation behind Lin Fengshen, he doubted whether his defense was enough!
Didi’s main divine power is thrown behind him by Lin Feng at will, and every drop thrown in Lin Feng’s eyes can’t help but flash across the distressed look. This is the main divine power!
Lord see Lin popular pupil is not from get a shrink eyes flashed a look, she didn’t think windson would think of this way, it seems all this still can’t endure windson!
The collision between the main divine power and the fast-flying powerful energy ball kept canceling each other out. At that time, there was a piece of white behind Lin Feng.
The body breath is quickly converged by forest air, so that the Lord can no longer capture the forest air breath. The Lord’s eyes couldn’t help but flash a trace of anger!
"* * * * Yun!" Lord said coldly!
If you want to make Teng snake metal life, these weapons need to be able to capture the breath of forest air. Otherwise, how can a strong man move fast enough to attack forest air easily?
Want to know windson is not a Woodenhead windson but will avoid in the face of danger.