"Are you sure you want to give me this precious golden pearl, Mr. Jutong?"
The deep-sea giant pincer crab looked at the giant pincer lobster and said with a smile, "Of course, since Lord Gabriel asked me to take out all the gold pearls, I naturally gave them to you."
Hearing this, the giant pincers suddenly caught the golden pearl in their hands with surprise.
However, he also knows very well that the deep-sea giant pincer crab will never give himself precious gold pearls for no reason.
He must have something to tell himself to do.
Thinking of this iron pincer, the lobster patted his chest and said, "If you have anything, please just tell me."
"If I can do it, I will try my best!"
Deep-sea giant pincer crab said with a smile, "There is nothing really, but Lord Gabriel hopes you can teach a few students from outside the blue world a good lesson here."
"Then to what extent does the vice commander of the tongs, Lord Gabriel, want me to teach them a lesson?"
Hearing this, the deep-sea giant crab said meaningfully, "… can teach them that there is no way to enter Chengdu in the blue domain again."
"I see, then I’ll arrange it."
"As far as I know, the goal of these students seems to be to go to Beihai through the evil gate. I don’t know what they are going to Beihai for."
"But since you said so, I won’t let them go to Beihai so simply."
"And there are many reasons why I want to teach them a lesson."
"Just before their mermaid restaurant made a scene, I had every reason to challenge the island a few days ago!"
Hearing this, the deep-sea giant crab nodded with satisfaction.
"It’s no wonder that you can think of such a good excuse in such a short time. Adults Gabriel will say that you have the best hope to reach the platinum level in recent decades."
"Did Lord Gabriel really say that?"
"Of course, what good is it for me to lie to you?"
Hearing this topic, the face of the iron pliers lobster reappeared with a smile.
Gabrielle killer whale soldiers at the head of their own strength but reached an amazing platinum level.
And getting a platinum strong praise is simply more glorious for the iron pliers lobster!
But it really makes the iron pincers shrimp happy at the moment.
It’s really a golden pearl in his hand.
The so-called golden pearl is a special treasure.
It can stimulate the spirit of Haizhu soldiers’ body and water attributes to the greatest extent.
Clawed shrimps with iron tongs can not only be cultivated with gold pearls.
You can also use the power of gold and pearls in battle.
Give yourself an amazing attribute bonus for a short time.
He is now a golden star.
If he inspires the psychic bonus of the water property of gold pearls.
His strength can reach the level of gold ten stars in a short time.
That is, half a step platinum!
And half a step platinum level words he has enough confidence to stop Liu Yuan and his party here.
And gave him a good lesson
Think of this iron pliers lobster face suddenly emerged with a smile.
Wilderness College Lu Yuan, right?
Even if your talent is amazing enough, now you are my territory!
I will let you know soon.
Not everyone can defile the dignity of our mermaid clan!
Smile when you see iron tongs and shrimps.
Deep-sea giant pincers have finished it by themselves.
Before leaving, the deep-sea giant crab woke up and said, "Remember that you have to teach Lu Yuan something, but Lord Gabriel doesn’t know … everything is up to you."
Iron pincers crayfish nodded with a smile.
"Don’t worry, I know the discretion. After all, there is still a college support behind that small one."
"If outsiders know that it is Gabriel’s adult who doesn’t like him, he should not sit idly by and target the college."
"But if it’s me, the college shouldn’t think too much. Besides, I’m not ready to die."
"I wish you were white."
With these words, the deep-sea giant crab left the Sinmen Islands.
The lobster with iron pliers went to the balcony of his mansion and looked out at the sea outside the Sinmen Islands.
At this time, he has been looking forward to the day when Liu Yuan came to Sinmen Islands …
Chapter 446 Hundred Ships War
Weilanyu Beihai Water Palace
Beihai Water Palace is an undersea palace located in the North Sea of Azure Region.
And the owner of this palace is the location of the killer whale warrior commander Gabriel.