The general lit up twenty people in front of him and shouted, "Come with me to fight that monster!"
"Everyone else is standing by!"
By this time, he has come back to taste.
-you can’t let people in this world follow you.
It’s not convenient to do that, even when fighting, I’m afraid of revealing my true identity and being tied behind my back.
"Yes!" All people boulevard
The general took the lead and rushed forward with twenty old monsters.
They soon disappeared into the deep black fog.
Everyone except them left a black fog waiting outside.
Only Gu Qingshan was placed on a stretcher carried by two guards and galloped away in the direction of the gate.
Before arriving at the gate, the military officer chased him on a horse.
He urged the horse stretcher to twist a head forward and look at Gu Qingshan in parallel.
"Are you seriously injured?" He asked.
"Ok" Gu Qingshan way
Two people nodded slightly no longer speak to sound.
"We cooperated ok this time-I didn’t expect you to force him to this point. I almost didn’t grasp it from time to time," said the military officer.
Gu Qingshan nai said, "He touched me first-to tell the truth, I was going to see more before deciding what to do, but now I find that these monsters still need to be cleaned up early."
The military officer nodded. "That’s what I thought. It’s just the end of the world. Let them fight with it."
Two people quiet for a while.
Doomsday vs. monsters
It doesn’t matter which side is dead.
It’s also a good time to see what kind of end it is
Gu Qingshan said, "Is there another me besides you?"
The military officer said, "We killed not only this military officer, but also a monster. He became that monster and followed him to find out the truth. If necessary, he would shoot a black gun or something."
"Well … then … there’s nothing to worry about for the time being …"
Gu Qingshan relaxed and murmured, "It feels good to play with yourself."
The military officer said, "Well, I didn’t expect to meet someone else-the main reason is that this tomb is so bizarre that all people can appear at the same time. I guess there should be many parallel worlds who explore secrets in the depths of Zhengda’s tomb."
"The Cave of the Beasts fused 99% of the fragments into a big tomb. What do you think would happen if his reincarnation also fused so many pieces of the world?" Gu Qingshan asked
"It’s hard to tell. I guess …"