Everyone of these robbers is very excited.
They want to rob the island!
They want to kill the island!
Qin Dingfang arrived at the beach first.
At this time, several crossbows flew out, and the sword in Qin Dingfang’s shirt also burst out in an instant, flashing several swords, and then Qin Dingfang repeatedly waved several red "sword plums", which were scattered like chaotic plums and flew to several reefs on the shore.
The archery guards are hiding behind the stone.
Jian Mei flew to their hiding place in an instant, and those places screamed one after another.
Blood spurted from behind the stone.
Qin Dingfang issued an excited magic call.
Today, it’s a day and a half before the decisive battle between Lin Yi and The Hunger.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine North Morden Island (2)
Even if Lin Yi knew that it was difficult to float on the island, it would be difficult for him to fly back even if he inserted a wing. Qin Dingfang’s plan was successful, and his ecstatic heart would burst out.
After several years, he finally boarded the floating island as he wished.
Qin Dingfang kept making a high-spirited, sharp and harsh noise, and the island echoed endlessly, just like the devil came to this paradise with laughter.
Soon Qin Honghu and their fast boats also reached the shore. Qin Honghu and a bunch of inferno masters swept the boat towards the shore and came to meet Yundao people, who also emerged from the sea.
Qin Dingfang looked back at a magic road behind him. "I caught Lin Yi and my relatives who killed pigs, regardless of men, women and children. You can kill them to your heart’s content! You can grab the island’s property and beauty as much as you want, but don’t damage the island’s housing facilities. After drifting, it will be the Wangs! "
The demons all said, "Yes!"
Then Qin Ding conveniently led the demons away from the beach and headed for the island residential area.
At the moment, the island police are everywhere, and the islanders’ fears are constantly coming.
Qin Dingfang was the fastest. He swept out a sudden stop.
A five-or six-year-old girl stands on a big tree in Yinpo.
The little girl is beautiful, but Qin Dingfang feels that this little girl is familiar.
The little girl cried, "You robbers all live!"
Then Qin Honghu and others came to see Qin Dingfang, and they all stood behind Qin Dingfang and stared at the little girl in front of the tree.
Although the girl is young, she is fearless in the face of a bunch of demons
The young girl said to Qin Dingfang, "Where are you from? How dare you take people to my floating island to run wild! Hurry up and take you these shrimp soldiers and crabs away or my girl will make you look good! "
Qin Dingfang and the demons were surprised.
The girl was not afraid of them at an early age, but scolded them with righteous words.
What a brave man!
Qin Dingfang looked at the little girl. He saw Lin Yi and Su Jiner from the girl’s face, especially the little girl’s eyes were like Su Jiner.
At this time, a famous talon cried, "The rabbit cub still makes us look good … I will make you look good now!" "
Then the talons came at the girl with a knife, but he just stepped out two steps and a sword light flashed, and the guy fell to the ground with a "plop" sword.
The sword light was produced by Qin Dingfang.
The demons were amazed and confused when they saw this situation.
Qin Dingfang said, "No one can hurt her! Wang likes her. "
So a bunch of demons never dared to have the idea of hurting this little girl again.
Qin Dingfang said to the girl, "Can you tell me who you are?"
The girl pursed her mouth.
"Hum what I want to tell you!"
Qin Dingfang was not annoyed by his patience. "If you tell me, I will protect you. Besides, if you are not even afraid of the king, are you afraid to tell me who it is?"
Qin Dingfang provoked him.