Gu Qingshan closed his sword.
The whole chancellorsville was silent again.
Gu Qingshan smiled.
He is very satisfied with the name skill.
He once again looked into the interface of God of War-there was no movement in the interface since the name technology was updated.
This is strange.
The "decisive battle ()" is obviously a half result, and now half of it has been completed, but it has not yet been seen.
Is it necessary to wait until the corresponding scenario triggers the phase condition to come?
I think so.
That time should be when the monks in the spiritual world attacked the SHEN WOO world.
Three days later …
Gu Qingshan looked at the hourglass.
The hourglass will flow in a few minutes.
He sat in silence for a while.
As soon as the curtain flashed, he disappeared from the spiritual world
the rain falls in torrents/sheets
A hand was stretched out among the dead on the roadside.
A sword fell into the pile of dead people and blasted the murderer who had not yet climbed out into slag.
Gu Qingshan silently looked up with a sword.
There is no wind in heaven and earth, and the lead clouds are low and the rain is pouring down.
The whole city is quiet, only the rain hits the buildings and keeps knocking.
Gu Qingshan held out his hand to gawk at the rain.
Just a few interest rates in the rain Gu Qingshan was soaked to the skin.
However, he seems to be staring at the rain in his hand.
This is rain.
It’s raining
Gu Qingshan’s heart sank slowly.
He glanced at the interface of the God of War and swept the display column.
A piece of white
"Before you asked me to avoid the world, I changed. Now I am back. Where is the change?" He asked.
The Ares interface replied, "The change has been completed, but so far the Ares interface has not explored the trigger plot."
Gu Qingshan was silent for a moment.
Suddenly a small shuttle fell from the sky in front of him.
The hatch hit one person inside.
"It’s bad for your health to get wet in the rain." The goddess of justice sounded.
"Thank you. I want to ask if anything strange has happened in the world?"
"Sea animals continue to land and destroy coastal cities; The killer is getting stronger; Countries all over the world gathered in the Federation to discuss the proceedings. "
"What else?"
"The San Olanka Empire split the revolutionary army, the royalists and the holy church, fighting each other."
"What else?"
"He is all things that Gu Qingshan Pavilion is not interested in."
"I mean-is there anything new and incredible happening in this world?"
"No abnormality has been found for the time being"
Gu Qingshan paused for a while.
He shook off the rain and strode into the cabin with a long sigh.
The hatch closes quickly.
The small shuttle ascended to the sky and flew far away.
Shuttle’s new clean clothes are neatly stacked with a glass of juice next to the driver’s seat.
"Kiwi mixed orange juice pavilion always likes taste"
Gu Qingshan changed his clothes and sat in the driving seat to meditate.