Wang Gan’s mind is still watching carefully, and his efforts will be engraved in his mind.
"This technique was created by the people of Sheyang Mountain, and it is divided into two secret volumes. Those who practice this spiritual volume can refine nine ways to meditate and practice Qi, and all methods can be used to cultivate Yang and replenish Yin. By practicing this secret volume, they can plunder spiritual volume practitioners and help me take a step forward!"
Penglai night refers to the whole city when it is enveloped by the light of Penglai imperial charm, and immediately there are several busy people flying out from everywhere frantically searching for the immortals in the city, and then they kill even their own bodies for a moment.
Wang Gan was shocked to see this scene, which shocked him. He never imagined that the real purpose of such a high spell, which could almost change the status quo of the cultivation of immortals, turned out to be that others practiced and made wedding clothes!
"The law is detached from life and death, and everyone is chess. These people practice the spiritual volume of the kind of Tao, which is driven by the desire to live, and will only be calculated into other people’s wedding clothes." Wang Gan sighed in his heart. If he didn’t see this scene with his own eyes, even he would be.
The city is full of blood and rivers, but these busy people are indifferent. There is no soul puppet at the end of their feelings. Penglai night in their eyes is exactly the same, and it is also full of indifference and silence.
In the end, tens of thousands of busy people rose like a storm and all of them merged into the Penglai imperial charm. When Penglai night waved, the imperial charm shrank into a ball of light and disappeared from her eyebrows.
At the moment when the ball of light merged in Penglai night, her vitality soared wildly, which was more than doubled. Obviously, it was improved a lot.
Wang Gan didn’t realize at this moment that Penglai Night turned out to be a kind of doppelganger. It has reached an incredible level by devouring his doppelganger.
"So that’s it. This technique is divided into realm levels, but if you want to devour his doppelganger, you can improve your strength, and if you want me to master the secret volume, you can create nine doppelgangers. You need to worry about others to harm me."
Wang Gan’s spiritual knowledge broke away from the lingshi and closed his eyes and thought for a long time. "This technique is so appalling. If a stranger teaches me for no reason, I will have doubts and dare not practice it easily."
"Senior Fu Tian wants me to establish reverence in front of those Ouyang clan people, so that I can find an excuse to give them this Taoist spirit scroll. Maybe they think that I, an old-timer in the deification period, will take out any secret magic number casually and will be earth-shattering and dispel doubts."
Wang Gan flipped through Wu Wenhua and Liu Jing’s dry Kun bag and found a tube to write down the face.
These two people have a lot of things, and together they have more than thirty or forty pieces. In addition, there are various charms, several bottles of unknown Dan medicine, some clothes they usually wear, and the pregnant marrow.
There are dozens of blood-red beads that have attracted Wang Gan’s attention. These things have attracted the attention of the two people. The most hidden place in the dry bag seems to be quite expensive and I don’t know anything about it.
Then Wang Gan took out the damaged multiplier-the wind-catching sword, which is made of excellent refining materials, but because of damage, even if no amount of true qi is poured, it will soon leak out, and its power can be less than ten percent.
For the present Wang Gan, this kind of power is really stretched, so he will melt the materials he plans to practice in the future.
Wang Gan, a French-printed piece engraved with the words’ Fengtian Shipping’, can’t see why there seems to be a spiritual thing in it, but it can’t communicate like the spirit of the first Tianbao, while Wu Wenhua’s fate was swallowed up by this spiritual thing, but it didn’t grow much.
"It is said that the Emperor of the State of Qin won a decree engraved with the words’ ordered by heaven’ on the day of war. Later, he really became a day, and you will be born by fate. In the future, you will be named the seal of fate, which will bless me."
Then Wang Gan took out the brush that Tianbao had changed first, and the brontosaurus gas wound around it, sending out the skyshatter momentum and making people feel awe.
Wang Ganqi’s spirit is connected with his heart, and when he gently calls, he sees a chubby three-year-old urchin jumping out, with a pinch of hairy snot sticking up his head and biting his finger, but his eyes have no pupils and his eyes are purple, and he is surging and flickering with Lei Guang.
It whizzed the meat with a small hand, and the brush was reduced to fit it, so that the size floated over and was squeezed by it.
It seems that the spirit of this instrument is still in a state of ignorance, and it just writes with a brush and turns a blind eye to everything around it.
To Wang Gan’s surprise, all the words written by Qi Ling, a three-year-old urchin, are sharp and firm but gentle. If anyone in Wulin understands this word, he may be able to understand a set of powerful swordsmanship.
"The talent of understanding heaven and earth is a comparison of human law. It seems that you want to write big characters to understand the mystery of heaven and earth. Since you have followed me, I have also given you a name called Lei Penalty. In the future, if others dare to repay the kindness of others, harm others and bully the weak, and so on, such dirty things will be rejected by heaven, so I will write for the day to punish them."
Wang Gan put all the treasures in his pocket and stalked Long Xing. In front of him, it was the Tianshan Mountain-Luotian Mountain.
Three thousand five hundred and one stone steps all the way to the sky, this step is to enter the eternal heaven full of cruel killing.
However, if the passers-by are strong-minded, the result will be that the dust will fall and fall forever.
"Eldest brother, you said that I had arranged for the mountain to be scattered and repaired, and I wouldn’t let go."
"Ha-ha, one person knows that thousands of chickens and dogs follow Grandpa Mountain as immortals, and everyone has meat in their bowls!"
"It’s a one-man story, boss!"
[ w w w ]
Chapter 30 Know not heaven
Every step of the long mountain road is one foot high, and it takes 3,500 steps to reach the top. This is a joke for many people who seek truth from the mountains. They often make enough preparations and climb hundreds of floors. In the end, they are either gloomy or exhausted.
This mountain road alone distinguishes mortal people from those who cultivate immortality to make them feel unattainable and daunting.
Wang Gan’s silent walk is like a light feather, which floats a dozen steps when he steps. To outsiders, it seems that his body is so light that he has no weight, but in fact, his weight is 10,000 kilograms, but it is just the skill of transporting the true qi and releasing it to create a great impetus.
There are more than a dozen people in the same mountain in Wang Gan. Most of them are practicing five-story monks who are full of energy while competing with each other.
"Yang Shimei, you are too slow, far less than me, hahaha!" The boy who ran at the front turned around and joked with his companions.