The two pictures just now contained too much information, and he needed some time to sort it out.
After a while.
Gu Qingshan looked at Hyun-a Kim and asked, "Where is the kingdom of gods?"
Hyun-a Kim said a paragraph.
Ye Fei listened and repeated "it is called the inner world in the virtual turbulence"
"When the world was destroyed, there were as many gods as Xinghai, and all of them fell with them. Only seven gods successfully escaped from that terrible end with their kingdom."
"However, it is not uneasy in the virtual turbulence."
"Seven gods and various unknown monsters fought for many years and finally fell one by one."
"But also because of the unremitting fighting of the gods, this virtual monster has finally lost a lot."
"The gods had a premonition for a long time that four ancient gods-four pillars, water, fire and wind-had signed a contract to completely close their kingdom and pray that all beings in it could thrive."
"The original kingdom of God was born out of virtual turbulence, but with the last try of the gods, it finally came reluctantly."
"Until tens of thousands of years ago"
"A card appeared at the altar of the royal gods."
"When this card came, there was a strong power fluctuation that penetrated the seal of the gods."
"This force shocked the nearby virtual turbulence and let a terrorist follow this force to find the hometown of requiem."
"It is the God of life, and the enemy is virtual, comparable to the unknown gods. I was injured by the gods in the battle of God and never recovered. When the seven gods disappeared, he secretly reappeared and wanted to find opportunities for revenge."
"It followed that card into the land of requiem."
"And the card player had to give up his card body and leave our world alone because he was not strong enough to fight this horrible monster."
"Her card was understood by that monster, and the power will be divided into four parts and given to four traitors of God who take refuge in it, pretending to be gods."
"Before she left, Yu Ka said to the royal family that she would go to the 900 million-story world and wait for a person to be born."
"Only that person can save her."
Gu Qingshan heard here have realized what.
He tried to remain calm and asked, "Did she say her name?"
"Once she was called the water god, but it was better to distinguish between the four positive gods. She hid her identity in the 900 million-story world and changed her name."
"Her name is Black Sea."
Chapter one thousand seven Come
Gu Qingshan took a deep breath when he heard the name Black Sea.
I see
That make all sense.
I must save her myself.
Now she is the only hope against the soul scream!
"Thank you for letting me know so many things."
He is more elegant and grateful than sincere Chao.
-If Hyun-a Kim didn’t take the initiative to tell himself, I’m afraid it would take a lot of effort to find out about these things
After all, these are the absolute secrets of Anhun Township.
For example, the end of the inner world, the fall of the Seven Gods and the departure of the Black Sea are by no means secrets that ordinary people can know. It is estimated that only the royal family and guardians know in the whole Requiem Township.
"She said she wanted to thank you. It was the least she could do."
Hyun-a Kim nodded and continued.
Ye Fei listened and repeated.
"After the four gods preach that everyone is dead now, the soul will be taken away and enter the real paradise of heaven."
"I don’t know that this is all an illusion made by monsters."
"After a person dies, his soul will be swallowed up by it."