The man rubbed a small paper ball and threw it into the black crack at his side.
"A simple defensive horcrux," the man explained. "When something touches the virtual crack, it will be randomly thrown to the place. Even I don’t know where it will be thrown."
He seemed to think of something and whispered, "It’s a pity that there is no time to do a long-term patience test."
"Well, that’s about it. I have to go. Leave these things here."
"Anyway, it has been built here and there is nothing to explore."
"We have done everything we can to stay here, and ordinary people will be guarded by all the measures we have left behind, which will also give us an alternative escape base."
Goodbye, I hope someone can find my great hair.
Light and shadow disperse
Gu Qingshan waited for several breath kung fu.
See the light and shadow together again into another picture.
A god with a bright flame burning overhead told the picture.
"I don’t know which protoss leader you are. Now I’m talking about a secret that you can know. Never tell him that it was discovered by the ancient people."
"Terrans have entered the gate of the ancient world to explore the mysteries of China and leave some old, weak and sick people here to recuperate."
"But one day, the wild monsters they fed suddenly defected."
"Terrans are smart and powerful races. I guess ancient monsters dare not be Terrans’ pets honestly."
"It is a mystery what kind of power makes the barren ancient clan change."
"But I have vaguely learned a secret, that is, there have been strange sounds in the world gate in the past years."
"Wild ancient monsters seem to have got some news before they dare to betray."
"I guess the Terrans are dead or have gone to a more distant and inaccessible world, otherwise they will have little news to hand back."
"Hundreds of thousands of years after the Terran left, that door was once hit by ancient monsters, and they came back safely from the inside."
"All you need to do to lead the protoss forward is to find a way to enter that world door to find what the powerful Terrans left behind after their death."
"Because of two fatal weaknesses of our protoss"
"First, our strength is fixed."
Second, every time two of us die, a new god will be born.
"If we go on like this, we will eventually become extinct."
"Only by exploring Terran technology can we fundamentally change."
"We must find a way to get access to the world from the ancient monsters."
"in the door of the protoss future"
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-two Capture
The sound of god king disappears