The Hunger went back to his room. Joy Chen blood and Yu Bei blood quickly prepared wine and food for blood ancestors.
The wine was collect in The Hunger in those days.
Hiding for 200 years, waiting for him to recover and drink.
Before he recovered, The Hunger was also very careful not to eat irritating food for fear of damaging his stomach. He could eat some liquid food and drink some medicine juice to nourish him.
Now that he has regained five successes, he no longer forbids food.
The Hunger personally photographed the jar of wine that he sealed that year, and the jar was twice as big as usual. This is a 200-year-old wine, and suddenly the wine was full of fragrance.
The Hunger held the jar, closed his eyes and sniffed the wine.
Everything in the world has changed after 200 years.
Only this wine is the taste of the year.
Suddenly, with his eyes open, he lifted the jar and his neck, pouring a stream of wine into his mouth.
Then The Hunger gave North and South Erguai and Zuo Chaoyang a small bowl for them to taste, which was also a reward for them.
The Hunger didn’t drink either. He drank a third, which was a good time.
Then he ordered Erguai to pack the remaining wine into several wine gourds.
After the meal, The Hunger said to the North and South Erguai, "Now tell me about the The Hunger slaves you have made over the years and how many people are practicing The Hunger in the Jianghu besides the iron-faced Chaoyang." What is the result of cultivation? "
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Tracking pool (1)
After the restoration of The Hunger, I now have the energy to learn more about The Hunger slaves, and I am also curious about this magic that created "The Hunger".
Joy Chen Xuexian reported, "Xuezu has been looking for several The Hunger slaves over the years, but now there are two people alive, one is the old gentleman of Wanshou Mountain Snake Sword and the other is …"
Joy Chen blood will report the details of the two to The Hunger.
Whether it is the snake sword old gentleman or another martial arts figure, it is also a famous generation for The Hunger.
After all, he was a figure two hundred years ago.
It will take time to re-understand and adapt to the present world.
After Joy Chen’s blood report, Yu Bei’s blood report.
Yu Beixue Road "For so many years, we two brothers have been looking for the’ blood pupil magic shadow’ to benefit from camouflage. We have secretly observed all the people who practice’ The Hunger Gong’ and ordered people to inquire about their situation. In addition to the deceased who is now practicing The Hunger Gong in the Jianghu, Qin Dingfang is expected to return. According to Yao Tongxin, he has found another one named Li Shiwu. At present, these three people are in the Jianghu."
The Hunger asked with great interest, "What are the results of these three people’s cultivation?"
Yubei Xuedao "The northern demon has become a man and a woman because of practicing The Hunger, and he can also attract manpower and hope to return. It is said that the more violent his martial arts are, the more horrible he is, but now he is declining because of his age. In recent years, he has rarely set foot in rivers and lakes. We have never heard of this person before Li Shiwu did not know his situation."
The Hunger seemed a little disappointed after hearing this. He said to himself, "Isn’t there anyone who has practiced pain and is not afraid of the reorganization of swords and tendons?"
In those days, the northern and southern monsters also secretly observed whether Hu Ling’s hidden soul was a "red pupil magic shadow" or not. I really don’t know the two monsters of Hu Ling’s painful constitution and meridian reorganization.
There are a few people who know that Hu Ling has no pain.
Zuo Chaoyang is no 1 middle school.
Zuo Chaoyang said, "Yes!"
The Hunger listen to eyes a bright way "who? !”
Zuo Chaoyang said, "Hu Ling hides the soul, knows no pain, is not afraid of the combination of sword, man and magic, and has hit all the top masters today."
The Hunger sound is slightly excited, he said, "A hundred demons make one! Where is he! "
Zuo Chaoyang said, "I remember that Hu Ling’s hidden soul was also Optimus Prime of the North House. I haven’t remembered him yet …"
The Hunger also knows that Zuo Chaoyang’s memory is still recovering, and The Hunger is even more aware that if he wants to completely recover Zuo Chaoyang, he must also take the remaining soul needles from his mind.
The Hunger is not going to take out all the soul-locking needles in Zuo Chaoyang’s brain yet.
Joy Chen’s dirty mouth said, "Hu Ling, the great ancestor of blood, is dead, and Lingnie, the two men were practicing The Hunger’s top …"
It turns out that Hu Ling’s hidden soul is dead.
This made The Hunger feel disappointed.
The Hunger interrupt Joy Chen bloodletting "tell me about this Hu Ling hidden soul! I’m not interested in that bullying! "
Joy Chen’s bloody road "Three years ago, Hu Ling Tibetan Soul and South King Lin Yibo fought on the seashore, and Beixue and I also went to see the battle. The two of them fought earth-shattering and finally played four or five hundred strokes. Lin Yi narrowly defeated Hu Ling Tibetan Soul and killed Hu Ling Tibetan Soul."
The Hunger was shocked by the fact that he lost his pain and was defeated, even his life was not saved.
Blood magic way "the south king Lin Yi is what person! How old are you? "
Joy Chen bloody road "at the age of twenty-seven, it was the southern king who led the northern king Qin Dingfang to fight for hegemony in the rivers and lakes. After several years of struggle, Lin Yi finally won, and the northern government became a ruin. Qin Ding, who lost his home, made it convenient for the northern demon to reappear in the rivers and lakes."
The Hunger said, "Then this person is not simple!"
Joy Chen blood also don’t hide his way, "the blood Lord Lin Yi is really an extraordinary figure. He not only killed Hu Ling’s hidden soul fighting across the northern government, but also called on Jianghu people to resist the enemy’s bloody battle Fengxiang … and then publicly killed the first phoenix of the current five tiger generals. Lin Yi was also imprisoned in the magic prison. As a result, he reappeared in the Jianghu, and it is even more strange that the emperor should forgive him …"
Lin Yiqi’s brilliant experience made The Hunger’s eyes shine differently.
The words "the first master in Jianghu" also gave birth to a different mood for The Hunger.
"There is such a character in the Jianghu today …" Then The Hunger added, "Go on."
The Hunger seems to have a deep interest in Lin Yi.
Joy Chen bloody road "I also know that these are also widely known in the rivers and lakes. If you want to know more about this person, you have to ask the iron man. He followed Lin Yi, Zeng Tengyun, and Lin Yi was his right-hand man. He knew everything like the palm of his hand."
It turns out that Zuo Chaoyang was once Lin Yi’s right-hand man.
The Hunger looked at Zuo Chaoyang. "I really want to know how much you remember about everything about Lin Yi?"
Zuo Chaoyang now remembers that Lin Yi is his half-brother, but he also remembers Lin Yi’s incident.
Zuo Chaoyang told The Hunger everything he remembered.