What’s more, guarding such a flowing golden river to collect passing ships is the lowest means to hoard things, buy them at a low price, sell them at a high price, and so on. It can be said that if it weren’t for being stupid and easy, you could accumulate millions of dollars.
Smiling, Chu Yi looked at Gao Feng and said, "Listen to Gao Feng’s brothers. Is it really impossible for Lu Wenyang to touch Chu?"
Gao Feng primly said, "It’s not untouchable, but it’s better not to provoke. I’m afraid it’s not clear that Liu Jin sent a team of people from the Ministry and the Ministry of Punishment to try to check the books of grain transportation over the years. Guess what?"
Chu Yi frowned and said, "Oh, what about the result?"
Gao Feng looked cold and said, "A dozen court officials and dozens of officials died, so they sank in the Grand Canal with a big ship."
Chu Yi’s eyes flashed a chill. "It seems that the governor of grain transportation is really terminating and bold! It seems that Liu Jin is not the kind of person who is willing to suffer. Is it difficult for things to be so bad? "
Gao Feng chuckled, "This is naturally impossible. This Lv Wenyang is also a malicious person. After Liu Jinpa sent a group of people, he sent five hundred and two thousand sycees to Liu Jinfu the next day."
Chu Yi couldn’t help laughing. "A big stick and a carrot in one hand are a good governor of grain transportation and a good Lv Wenyang!"
Gao Feng nods, "This person has gathered a group of outlaws in the Jianghu, but he is always ready to dispatch thousands of military forces from Tianjin Wei’s several guards. It can be said that Lv Wenyang’s words in Tianjin Wei’s entire Grand Canal are better than our pursuit words."
Looking at Chu Yi Gao Feng’s way, "Because this Lv Wenyang is not an ordinary person, I’m afraid that Chu brothers will bump into you if you don’t know the details. That would be very bad."
Chu Yi nodded to Gao Feng and said, "Thank you for waking up, Gao Feng brothers. Otherwise, Chu Yi really doesn’t know the details of this Lv Wenyang."
Having said that, but acting in accordance with Chu Yi’s wind, he always makes clear the details of his opponent before each hand, even if his eyes are not clear about Lv Wenyang’s details, but the East Factory still has the ability to search for information. When Jining was in the city, Chu Yi had ordered the East Factory to search for the Grand Canal and Lv Wenyang’s information. At most, it will take a day or two to complete the information than Gao Feng said, and it will be sent to Chu Yi’s hand.
When Chu Yi and Gao Feng escorted thousands of taels of silver to the capital and left, the news that Chu Yi was bloodbath in Jining City was extremely fast.
With the help of the Grand Canal, the news reached Tianjinwei the next evening.
Tianjin Wei is also more prosperous than many merchants. A solemn and atmospheric mansion covers an area of more than ten acres. The city is the residence of Lv Wenyang, governor of grain transportation.
The Governor’s Office of Grain Transportation is located not far from Lv Fu, but it is such a small office that manages the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, a big north-south artery.
Lv Wenyang, dressed in a loose robe in Lv Fu’s room, sat leisurely in a plush chair, listening to several confidants reporting on the grain transportation yamen.
Suddenly, I saw a Chinese man dressed in strong clothes go straight into the open room and prostrate himself in the tunnel "Shen Yi meets the Governor!"
Eyebrows a pick Lv Wenyang swept Shen Yi one eye with the wave to see that a few confidant collectors one by one discretion Lv Wenyang sit up straight and stare at shen "things can be completed?"
Shen Yi bowed his head and said, "Back to the Governor’s adult Chen Li and others, the attack on Chu Yi failed!"
Lv Wenyang sound some high eyes full of irate look suddenly got up and took a few steps, "will be specific after careful way".
Shen Yi gave Lv Wenyang a detailed account of what happened that night in Jining as if he had seen it with his own eyes.
Lu Wenyang heard that Chu Yi had privately moved reinforcements from Liaocheng and couldn’t help but hum a "It turned out that Gao Feng, the castrated dog, intervened and let him escape. This time he was lucky!"
Shen Yi bowed his head and worried a little. "Your honor, Chu Yi is crazy. He even dares to rob his uncle and general in Nanjing. If you let him know that it is an adult who is behind his words, I am afraid he will not let it go!"
Lv Wenyang smell speech couldn’t help ha ha. "Really? Do you want to deal with the governor just because he is a eunuch? When Liu Jin dominated the sky and claimed to be the emperor, there was nothing he could do with the governor! "
Shen Yi slightly one leng seems to be thought of at the beginning, Liu Jin didn’t have the ability to stand up to his own governor. Although Liu Jin Chu Yi is fierce, he is obviously worse than Liu Jin. There are still some worries that he is completely at ease at the moment.
"The Governor is far-sighted and well-connected, but it is a worry that a castrated dog can’t shake the status of an adult."
Lv Wenyang is a face of regret. "It’s a pity that Governor Chu Yi didn’t care if he died!"
When ten million taels of silver were used, Lu Wenyang’s eyes seemed to glow with golden light, and he felt sorry and sad as if someone had cut his flesh.
Shen Yi knows his own adult well. There is no only certainty about other shortcomings. He values yellow and white things too much. At the beginning, if he was forced to endure, Lv Wenyang would never reluctantly take out five hundred and two thousand sycees from the private library and give them to Liu Jin.
"Why don’t we send someone again …"
Lv Wenyang slowly shook his head and said, "This is the end of the matter. Since Chu Yi escaped the bullet, say that the governor has the silver edge and tell people not to play these silver ideas again."
Looking at Shen Yi’s departure, Lu Wenyang suddenly gnashed his teeth with a look of grief. "Chen Li, Du Wen, Wang Guan, you waste wastes, and the old man’s tens of millions of sycees are so painful for me!"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven You told me to calm down!