The three men hurriedly replied, "Yes, master!"
Yellow war was more than I could bear to roar and vent my pent-up anger and hit the door and rushed out.
Zhao Kuan hurried after him.
Gu Qingshan said primly towards the palace master of Huangyun, "It is also a choice to compromise and save your life if you can’t take care of yourself."
The palace master didn’t look at him angrily this time and criticised him. "You idiot, I still need you to teach? Get out! "
Gu Qingshan fuels a ritual turned away.
All three brothers finally left the Heavenly Palace.
The palace master is quiet there.
A floating figure appeared in front of him.
This is an old man with white hair and beard.
"fairy king" wild cloud palace master fuels
The old man nodded puzzled. "Xie Zongzhu, you originally intended to be a Shen Long, but you finally gave it to Zhao Kuan?"
The Lord of the Palace sighed with a sigh, "Zhao Kuan can be meticulous and thoughtful in all aspects. The only disadvantage is that the five desires are flourishing and the heart is slightly flawed. In this case, I simply let other circles go to the Zongli Sect to continue the fire."
"Huang Zhan is good at martial arts. I am very relieved to give him the sword, which is an excellent and affectionate person who is honest and trustworthy and can keep secrets."
The palace master’s face reveals a complex meaning. "How can Shen Xuan’s great wisdom and perseverance abandon all complicated worldly affairs and devote himself to monasticism like him?" Shen Zhuo is naturally the best choice for the leader of the clan, but now the situation has changed, the gods are persecuting us and we will launch a rebellion. At this time, it is best to hide him from the troubles of the clan, continue to concentrate on martial arts and hope that he will surpass all of us in the future. "
The old man sighed, "I really hope he can surpass us and defeat the gods so that I don’t have to work so hard to arrange the funeral."
"I am confident that he can surpass me, but if you want to surpass the fairy king, I am afraid you have to watch his luck."
the other side
Gu Qingshan ran away toward the bottom of Tiangong Mountain according to his memory.
He has some doubts.
What the hell is this?
Or can what you are doing now have a real impact on ancient times?
If I really go back to ancient times and replace Shen Long, will everything I do change the whole future?
It’s incredible that everything will change in tens of thousands of years.
Gu Qingshan thoughtfully for a moment and finally shook his head silently.
Judging from the previous situations, Terran power should have just threatened the status of gods in this era.
And he clearly knew that when the divine power law was reshaped
Inferring terrans from this can’t be done either.
My current situation should be in an event that really happened in history.
He is Shen Long now.
If this is that t-
Then the purpose of the test will probably be to see how much better you can do than Shen Long.
Gu Qingshan thought back and forth again and determined this point of view.
By this time, he had already reached the bottom of the mountain range.
There are many gray flying boats with special runes engraved on them.
Stimulating such a flying boat will directly break through the world restrictions and go from heaven to The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and other worlds
According to the runes engraved on the flying boat, some flying boats will reach the shura realm directly, while others will reach the human realm.
Heaven, man and Asura are the choices among the three realms for the monks to break through the boundary.
In the three realms of evil spirits, beasts and death, there are three ways, and generally no one wants to go.
At this time, an elder has arranged the layout here.
Many young monks in Zongmen were driven by them to fly boats respectively.
As soon as a flying boat is full, a leading monk will inspire the flying boat to break through the void and flee to his world.
The elder noticed the arrival of three people.
"So it’s the three of you. This is your flying boat."
The elders led them to three small flying boats.
"You all have your own clan doors and have set up flying boats for you."
"The first one is Zhao Kuan, the second one is Huang Zhan, and the innermost one is Shen Long. Don’t take the wrong seat."
Boom ! !
Shake one’s head with words
Deep in the sky, a great sound came from afar.
"The wild clouds and the heavenly palace disrespect the gods and conspire to take refuge in the wild ancient world!"
Brilliant light fell from the sky and lit up the whole night
The elder’s face changed and he shouted, "Quick! Go quickly! "