On the same day, Duan Qirui also got another news, that is, the fourth division in Zhejiang was forced to give up Jinhua and continue to withdraw southward. The tenth division of the Second Soviet Army successfully captured Jinhua, an important city in central Zhejiang.
Duan Qirui was speechless for a long time when he learned that Nanchang and Jinhua had fallen one after another. He seemed to have seen the scene of last year and replayed it this year.
Last year, I led the Fourth Division and the Second Hunchenglv and other troops. Nanjiang and Zhejiang also made rapid progress like the current army. Almost every time the enemy met in the south, it occupied more than half of the south in just half a year. China thought that the Southern Union was Uzbekistan and was worthless.
However, now I seem to have followed the footsteps of the Confederacy, and Jiangxi and Zhejiang roots can’t stop the Fengjun offensive
Do you really want to quit the national political arena?
He is unwilling!
However, he is unwilling to do so. Now he thinks of the Chaozhou defeated suicide, and Xi Liang thinks of Dangtu defeated suicide. Lei Zhenchun may have to follow in their footsteps!
If Duan Qirui is now seeing the dawn of defeat, then Duan Qirui is really desperate in the next two months
On January 1st, Lu Yongxiang, the first army of Fengjun, led the first division to conquer Madang Fort, which was important for Jiujiang Campaign, and then took Pengze Zhang Guotai’s troops and was forced to retreat to Hukou. On February 5th, Fengjun’s 14th division captured Fuzhou, and on the 7th, Fengjun’s 14th division captured Hengzhou. Then, the third division of Fengjun successfully captured Yongxiu, De ‘an and other important towns in southern Jiujiang and arrived in the south of Jiujiang on June 16th.
On July 17th, the First Army of Fengjun Lu Yongxiang launched a large-scale attack on Hukou, and the ammunition situation in the retreat after the Anhui Army finally happened again in a large-scale organizational surrender.
On the evening of that day, Zhang Guotai was placed under house arrest by several brigade commanders and heads of the Ministry, forging Zhang Guotai’s signature to declare the surrender of the army, and Zhang Guotai issued a "complaint to the people" in the name, saying that it was the general trend of national reunification, and Zhang Guotai did not dare to stop the historical trend, so he announced that his Ministry would turn to the central government anyway.
After the release of this fake letter of Zhang Guotai’s name, there was a great turmoil in the country. Duan Qirui cursed Zhang Guotai as a traitor, betrayed the great cause of the Republic and betrayed yuangong’s wishes.
Zhang Guotai sighed deeply when he learned about this seal. Now he has completely lost control of the Anhui Army in Hukou. Several brigade commanders of the Anhui Army in Hukou have launched several representatives to negotiate with the Fengjun. The negotiation is not whether to surrender, but how to surrender. The generals of the Anhui Army demanded to take the initiative to surrender to the central government and asked Su to give them the name of the Central Army and maintain a certain military nature.
However, the Soviet Union will naturally not accept the initiative to surrender, but it can also give the Central Army a title, but you still want to maintain sex, which is impossible to serve the army. There has never been such a precedent
In the end, this deadlock allowed Zhang Guotai to break Zhang Guotai’s dissatisfaction with his opponent’s generals’ surrender, but he also knew that it would be the end of the army sooner or later to continue to fight, and the release of the letter in his name pushed him directly to the cusp of the wind. Duan Qirui recognized that he was a traitor. He had no room for manoeuvre, and then he bit his teeth and was cruel and directly surrendered to Fengjun.
He has two demands. One is to follow the precedent of the 16th Division, surrender the troops and reorganize the Central Army. The other is that he must also be the chief of this unit.
However, for many middle-and high-level generals to compete for retention rather than demand, this is tantamount to Zhang Guotai selling Zhang Guotai, but now Zhang Guotai is selling those ministries again
Chapter four hundred and forty-seven Autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves
Fengjun simply chose Zhang Guotai, a more influential adult, so after three days of negotiations, Hukou Anhui Army formally surrendered to Fengjun. The Sixth Division, the Third Division and the Two Regiments of Liangjiang were respectively adapted from the 21st Division of the Central Army and the 20th Division of the Central Army to form the commander of Zhang Guotai, the fifth army of the Central Army. At the same time, Zhao Dongyun generously awarded Zhang Guotai three titles directly.
Zhang Guotai was directly awarded the position of commander of the army. On the one hand, there are many remnants of the Anhui army in the direction of Hukou and Jiujiang, and there are still nearly 30 thousand people. Moreover, this army is different from surrendering after being completely defeated. Although they have run out of ammunition and food, the foundation has maintained its organizational system and can be pulled out to fight without spending too much effort to reorganize.
It’s not easy for these 30 thousand people to break up and directly adapt one division, and it’s also the wave that simply gave the titles to two divisions and these two divisions formed an army
In addition, Zhang Guotai’s Anhui Army is also a general of the army, and Zhao Dongyun’s title to the defected generals is usually what it was and what it is now. Lu Yongxiang is like this, Bao Guiqing is like this, Zhang Dianru is like this, and Zhang Guotai is no exception.
Giving preferential treatment to Zhang Guotai now can be regarded as a gesture of buying a horse’s bones for a thousand dollars. The follow-up troops will continue to March south to the southwest. If they fight all the way there, it will take too long and cause more losses. If someone can take the initiative to defect anyway, then give them some preferential treatment. For example, those defected troops will be slowly transformed by the troops after they come over anyway, just like Zhang Dianru. Although he is a teacher, in fact, he can’t completely control the 16th Division’s war department. If he wants to go there, he will have to go there. Otherwise, those Soviet officers will have to cut
To put it bluntly, Zhao Dongyun’s giving Zhang Guotai preferential treatment is a false job. You can see that Zhao Dongyun has sent a large number of officers at the division, brigade, regiment and battalion levels to the new Fifth Army. What will happen to Zhang Guotai after being bald depends on his subsequent choice and fate.
Anyway, he’s a commander, and he can’t be compared with several real commanders in Fengjun.
Anyway, the Hukou enemy quickly turned the gun around and landed in Jiujiang with the direct navy of Lu Yongxiang’s first army. At the same time, he cooperated with the North Third Division to fight the Fifth Army of the Northern Expedition, which had just arrived in the South.
After half a month of fighting, the Fifth Army of the Northern Expedition was forced to return to Hubei.
Up to now, the battle of Jiujiang has come to an end, and the fall of Jiujiang has a profound impact on the Anhui army, because it represents that nothing can stop the follow-up of Fengjun to the south.
On September 2nd, Xu Bangjie led the 10th and 15th Divisions of the Second Army, which had just been reorganized from captured and defected troops, and the soldiers of the 23rd Division, South Fujian, arrived in Fuzhou.
On September 9th, the 10th Division of Fengjun conquered Fuzhou, and the 15th Division conquered Nanping, a military town in the hinterland of Fujian.
On September 12th, after Fengjun consolidated the situation in northern Jiangxi, it once again captured the ninth division of Ganzhou in the south, and the soldier front has pointed directly at northern Guangdong.
On September 20th, the 14th Division of Fengjun conquered Pingxiang and other places and entered Hunan.
On the same day, Zhao Dongyun personally transferred the third division to the first army, and then Lu Yongxiang led the first, third and second divisions of the first army, and the 21st and 22nd divisions of the fifth army in Zhang Guotai crossed into Hubei and went straight to Wuchang.
At this time, looking at the situation in the country, the momentum of serving the army in the south has been blocked by law
When the first army of Fengjun conquered Huangshi and Ezhou in Hubei Province in October, the failure of front-line connection affected Zhang Dong’s health and finally he died on October 4, ending his magnificent life.
The death of Zhang Dong, the pillar of the Confederacy, is directly equivalent to bringing the Confederacy to the brink of collapse and disintegration. Although Duan Fang announced that he would succeed the post of Prime Minister of the Empire, Duan Fang, a Manchu successor to the Prime Minister, made Zhang Dong a lot of generals very dissatisfied. Li Yuanhong and Zhang Biao were killed in Wuchang City for the first time, and then Zhang Biao announced that he would succeed the post of Prime Minister of the Empire, which caused more people’s dissatisfaction.
The external disputes are constantly facing the attack of Wang Shizhen and Lu Yongxiang. Zhang Biao simply found Zhao Dongyun to negotiate a truce.
Regarding Zhang Biao’s armistice request, he also said that maintaining the existing military demarcation line required Zhao Dongyun to tear up the newspaper with a smile and said, "Continue to fight until they surrender conditionally!"
On October 20th, Lu Yongxiang and Wang Shizhen jointly launched an attack on Wuchang. Five days later, Fengjun successfully joined forces with the Hubei Army Wuchang City.
Wuchang has been gram!
Throughout the 19 and a half years, it was the solo stage of Fengjun, which conquered Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Fujian one after another and marched into Hunan, Hubei and Guangdong at a faster speed than the original southern Anhui Army.
By the time the calendar turned over for 19 years and ushered in the 199 Spring Festival, Fengjun had actually taken control of most of China and could never find an opponent from the military.
Then it’s more a political action than a military action!
After the Spring Festival in 1999, on the sixth day of the Lunar New Year in Guangzhou.
Duan Qirui met a guest he hadn’t seen for a long time, sitting opposite Duan Qirui, but next to Wang Ruxian, there was a first secretary Yang Debiao, who Duan Qirui had never seen but had heard of many times.
After the defeat in Henan in 1997, Wang Ruxian first went through a house arrest for more than half a year, and finally he took the initiative to soften Zhao Dongyun and gained his freedom. Because of his active attitude, Zhao Dongyun did not expel him directly to the concession to work as a residence official, but gave him a virtual title as a presidential adviser and kept his rank as a general in the army.
Yang Debiao, however, doesn’t say much about being a secret person. Among other people, Yang Shumi’s political status is even higher than those of the cabinet chiefs.
Today, it is self-evident that these two people with extremely special status have arrived in Guangzhou, that is, Duan Qirui has taken over with Zhao Dongyun, and what can be discussed is nothing more than surrender.
Yang Debiao looked at Duan Qirui. He had seen Duan Qirui several times before, but today Duan Qirui and Duan Qirui seemed to be two people in his impression. A few years ago, he saw Duan Qirui in high spirits. Even if he looked far away, he could see that he was a prominent and lean man. However, now Duan Qirui looks as if he is already in his seventies. You know Duan Qirui is only 54 years old this year. For a soldier and a warlord, he is in his prime.
However, now his beard has turned white and his face wrinkles are comparable to those of a 70-year-old man. What’s more, the momentum of his heroic spirit has completely disappeared. Now he is like a dying old man without any anger.
Yang Debiao can also understand that Duan Qirui’s state has been replaced by someone who controlled more than half of the southern China palm two years ago. After two years of failure, hundreds of thousands of troops in Liangjiang, Fujian and Zhejiang were finally lost, and no one could accept it with less than 50,000 down archers retreating to Cantonese.
Since the fiasco of Jiangnan Campaign in the first half of last year, the Anhui army has successively lost its southern offensive in Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi, and once again lost the last of its possessions. Even Jin Yunpeng’s second Hunchenglv was once again hit hard in Ganzhou Campaign, and Jin Yunpeng was able to retreat to Guangdong with less than 10,000 people.
Although the other Fourth Division of the Anhui Army did not suffer a large-scale fiasco, it lost in continuous battles, and the cumulative loss was also very amazing. At that time, the strength of the Fourth Division was more than 25,000 in four artillery battalions, and there were more than 75 guns. Now there are about 10,000 guns left, and there are less than 30 guns.
Today, the Anhui army has long since ceased to be the grand occasion of that year, with less than 50,000 beaten soldiers left. However, it is certainly untenable to watch the follow-up development and wait for Fengjun to continue to go south in Guangdong.
This kind of situation Duan Qirui also had to take the initiative to deliver a message to Jurentang Zhao Dongyun that is surrender!
Duan Qirui did not expect to continue to fight for hegemony, let alone how much political status he could have after surrendering. He asked himself to build the fourth division with his own hands and have a happy ending. He did not want to command the Anhui army without any left.
On the other hand, he also saw that the reunification of China by the Soviet Union is an irresistible event. Since it can’t be stopped, let our country unite and be a republic.
After all, he is still a Beiyang, and his feelings for Beiyang are more than his feelings for the country and the nation.
Whether you win or Zhao Dongyun wins, this day will be Beiyang!
I gave Zhao Dongyun my last gift, and Yuan Gong in Jiuquan will be pleased when he knows it.
After learning that Duan Qirui intends to surrender, even if Zhao Dongyun has the confidence to take Guangdong directly by force, the influence caused by Duan Qirui’s initiative is not that of Zhang Guotai and Zhang Dianru. Once Duan Qirui surrendered, it means that Zhao Dongyun has completely recognized that he is the supreme leader of Beiyang, which is of great political significance for the subsequent reunification of China.
So he sent Yang Debiao and Wang Ruxian to let Yang Debiao go to show his sincerity and let Wang Ruxian go to contact the feelings of Beiyang old people
Anyway, Zhao Dongyun, Duan Qirui and Wang Ruxian are all Beiyang’s shares.
The three of us didn’t talk much today, but ended the talks.
When Wang Ruxian and Yang Debiao went out, Duan Qirui said the last sentence, "Tell Yang that Duan is also a Beiyang!"
Chapter four hundred and forty Duan Qirui into Beijing
The situation in China in 1998 was mainly centered on the hegemony between the two armies of Fengwan. The two largest warlords of Beiyang fought each other for more than a year, and finally the outcome was decided in the summer of 19 years. After the end of the Jiangnan Campaign in the summer of 19 years, although the two armies of Fengwan fought several large-scale battles, such as Jinhua Campaign, Jiujiang Campaign and Nanchang Campaign, there was no great suspense in these battles.
After the Anhui army lost Jiangxi and Fujian one after another, even optimists would not think that the Anhui army could still support the loss of Guangdong. "
By the beginning of 1999, although Duan Qirui still had nearly 50 thousand down soldiers, in fact, he had failed and could not fail again
Although Duan Qirui is full of reluctance, he also knows that it is useless to continue the so-called struggle at this point.
Unwilling at the same time, he is also completely desperate.
Now, Duan Qirui’s consideration is not like confronting Zhao Dongyun for hegemony. China’s consideration is so favorable. He only has the capital to negotiate with Zhao Dongyun in exchange for the best terms. He does not expect Zhao Dongyun to be kind to himself. He hopes to find a way out for those who have followed him for many years and a way to continue to live.