"By the way, how did I behave just now?" The boss asked excitedly.
Gu Qingshan said something, but he still boasted, "Yes, thanks to your attention, I have got what I want."
"It’s good," the boss laughed.
"-how did you think of telling that story?" Gu Qingshan asked.
The boss shrugged and said, "I can’t decide my fate. I will choose a fable that suits my fate."
"fable of fate?" Gu Qingshan surprised way
-recalling the scene at that time, the boss was really holding the fate while watching it.
The boss explained, "I will present a corresponding fable of fate for our current environment, which consumes my strength, so I can sit here motionless now."
Launching a fable of fate consumed his strength.
Gu Qingshan immediately get serious.
Although the youth scene is not as strong as the boss’s heyday, it can also rival itself.
"Is it a fable? You tell me the whole story "Gu Qingshan Road.
So the boss told the fable completely.
Gu Qingshan listened thoughtfully.
Very simple story
There are three houses where straw is destroyed, wood is destroyed and bricks are left.
Too simple
-but there is fate.
If you want to have something to do with fate, no matter how ridiculous it is, you must never be careless.
Gu Qingshan stand hand gently released a mass of black fire.
Black cremated black dog looks like he is still sleeping with his eyes closed.
-it is in the process of evolution, temporarily wake up.
Forget it. It seems that we can’t count on it now.
Gu Qingshan paced back and forth in the chamber of secrets, and thoughts flashed in his heart.
Just then, suddenly, a line of fireflies appeared in front of him.
"Attention, please"
"The interface has detected an emergency"
"In three minutes, the end of a special form is coming."
"Please prepare for battle at once!"
Gu Qingshan jumped up and pushed the secret room door to go out.
He suddenly stopped again.
-the boss is running out of strength and staying in the chamber of secrets.
Now he is not the future generation.
In case of danger, he will die!
Gu Qingshan immediately pulled out a square plate with his hands in a hurry.
See array suddenly emerged yellow source force bursts of light to escape floating virtual condensed into a large defense array.
"What happened?" The boss doesn’t ask
"You have a good rest and I will go out to patrol the island." Gu Qingshan said indifferently.
-with so many circle alert protection, if there is any trouble in the secret room, you can come back to the fog world immediately!
Gu Qingshan’s secret room door flies directly to check the situation.
His mind wander in all directions.
At this time, it was already late at night, and everyone went back to rest after being quarreled by the boss.
Everything is quiet and peaceful.
There is no new doomsday garbage in the underground river
What could it be?