Lonely as a king, he doesn’t want to bow to things, even if it is high in the sky and fate is not good, so when the word fate is used by the wise people of Luolong, he always gently says "don’t believe"
In the forbidden forest year, the elder refused to grant him, so he approached self-harm and challenged Zhuge Chenxi and others to practice.
Suffer terrible pain in the wooden temple and endure it alone
Knowing that Zhu Kang has Yang’s things in his hand, he doesn’t care. It is impossible for him to accept threats.
With his wisdom and persistent struggle, he has always achieved everything from the ants in Zhu Kang’s eyes to Zhu Kang’s killing him, and he has never bowed to people or things.
However, he was about to win the final victory in the face of his last enemy, Liu Xuan, but he made such an arrangement at that moment.
Suddenly ethereal, hard work in the face of love and fate has become so fragile that it will be broken at a blow.
What about this arrogant king who can fight against "God’s will"? Collapse? Crazy?
Everyone was anxiously waiting, but he took a smug look at everyone and quietly left, and then he didn’t know how much passed.
"Well, after coming in for so long, I’m a little hungry and bake something to eat." Yangling Tianyin will break the peace around.
The sound is calm and natural without emotion, and you can’t see anger, so it can be said to be soft.
It’s this soft sound that Muyiqiao’s ears are full of doubts! ! !
She suddenly one leng face instantaneous and white for a few minutes, just return to absolute being weak body suddenly jumped in the past, like crazy holding Yanglingtian that strong body.
"Brother Ling Tian, don’t be so uncomfortable. You can cry and shout."
At the same time, my eyes are streaming.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ Silly girl, I’m fine." Yanglingtian smiled and quietly lifted Mu Yi Qiao up.
Next to Simon is also a deep breath in the nose a cold hum in the previous step "is it not a Liu Xuan? Yang Xiong, you are not afraid to wait for me to beg my grandfather and brother to let him kill Liu Xuan. Let me kill Liu Xuanzong’s door. "
"No Liu Xuan thing I will solve" Yanglingtian gently shook his head.
But Sun Ning cigarette butts with a shake "no! ! ! Be sure to kill Liu Xuangu. "At the same time, she glanced at Liu Huan next to her and immediately added a sentence," You are not a Liu Xuanjia. "Say that finish, it seems that I remembered something like eyebrows, and looked at Simon in a blink of an eye." What ancestors and grandfathers and what great sacred places are you quick to clarify for me? "
"This ~ ~ ~ ~" Simon immediately stayed as if a child had spilled the beans and slammed his mouth.
"Hehe ~ ~ ~" Yang Lingtian smiled faintly. "Yes, although I will solve Liu Xuan’s problems, I still want to know more about Dayan Holy Land. Can Brother Ximen give me advice?" With that, his head turned with a gentle smile.
All eyes immediately turned to Simon, regardless of whether Yanglingtian’s smile is true or not. At this time, Liu Xuan will do nothing.
Simon’s face was not bitter. He faltered for a long time and refused to speak. Finally, Sun Ning’s eyes stared at him. He just bit his teeth and sighed softly. "I didn’t know these things until recently, but you are not an outsider. It’s nothing to tell you."
Then he took a deep breath and sorted out the train of thought. "Most people in Tianwu mainland are already at the peak of the world, but there is a higher realm in Tianwu level 6-SHEN WOO. These people all live far away. An ethereal fairy island overseas is called Dayan Holy Land-the peak of fighters gathers in heaven. Except for the mysterious forbidden forest, the whole Tianwu mainland is where people live."
"That Liu Xuan hasn’t already broken through Tianwu Level 6. Why is it still here?" Simon extremely words down sun condensate smoke immediately asked
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~" Simon smiled and shook his head.
"Miss Sun didn’t know that although there are not many people living in Dayan Holy Land, there are actually many people who have fought to protect their own interests. The people in Dayan Holy Land have also formed groups like Tianwu Kingdom, but they are called Zongmen instead of the country.
If a clan wants to fight in an invincible position, it must develop its own strength and develop its own influence. The way is to increase the number of its own people. All clans will send people to the Tianwu mainland to find people with outstanding qualifications, and then they will become one of their own after they enter the Dayan Holy Land. "
Said the fat face unexpectedly revealed a sigh.