Then he watched Gu Qingshan way again
"Uncle, you didn’t die. Fortunately, my mother was still so nervous and launched many fierce demons to contribute, and I had to explore my own ability to take a look."
Gu Qingshan was moved and worried.
"Let’s go. The horse will merge into another world. You can’t be involved. Besides, reassure your mother that nothing will happen here," he said quickly.
The child said, "I am isolated, and the other one can’t save you."
He pulled the chain road behind him again. "Mom, it’s dangerous here. He told me to go back. He can probably handle it."
Wait for a breath
Children seem to have got some news and nodded at Gu Qingshan. "Then say that since you are so deadly, you can continue to take care of yourself."
He turned to leave.
"Wait!" The crow suddenly came.
He also knew that time was limited and quickly said, "Can you give me the male-female conversion in your fierce magic tower? I need this ability at any cost!"
Children see his one eye was stuck directly.
-this woman is so beautiful that she is simply charming all beings.
Gu Qingshan also leng leng.
But fierce demons can have their own children compared with male-female conversion … It’s nothing strange.
"You want to learn male-female conversion from me?" Asked the child
"Yes" crow’s beautiful eyes show longing.
"Are you willing to pay the price?" The child asked again
"Yes" crow mouth gently sip way
The child was silent and suddenly pulled the chain again and shouted, "Mom, a woman teased me!" "
In an instant, the chain dragged the children into the virtual space in lightning speed.
Chapter three hundred and nine Adjust the shape
A woman rang in a hurry.
As soon as the word came out, the child was dragged into the virtual moment by the iron chain and disappeared.
The crow froze in place.
"Bastard! What will become like this! ! !”
She (he) suddenly broke out.
-but there is a hint of charm in this clear sound, which makes people itch and feel anger.
Gu Qingshan quickly comforted, "Calm down. This is a temporary transformation of the laws of the world. Maybe when we leave this world and return to the original world, the physical changes will disappear."
"no! Uncle doesn’t believe that uncle is going to fight hard with this new world! Hey! "
Crow angrily said
Gu Qingshan had a meal.