"But it’s normal to see others have difficulty to help, right? "I’m a little uncomfortable with this rule. Otherwise," It’s really strange to worry about grabbing the monster before helping others. "
"Actually, this is based on the principle of special monsters and temporary teams." Black Warrior added, "If you know friends and team up together or fight monsters, things can be seen everywhere. Few people will do this to distinguish whether everyone will help each other."
Hearing the black warrior’s additional explanation, my heart rebounded less. Otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t team up with others to fight monsters in the future! This almost hand-tied rule is really against my style.
Watching each other move while chatting, the girl waved the sword in her hand in two, and she went to Wan Li Long Dragonfly to make a spin and leap, and the sword end went to the dragon to draw a picture, and it was flowing. We couldn’t kill Wan Li Long Dragon. After several rounds of fighting with that girl, she easily cut it into several sections and turned it into pieces of dragon meat.
Get out of the way. The dragon lady took back her sword and fished out of the water. After Wan Li’s long dragon died, the explosion came back to us.
"Dragon Tendon, I took the dragon meat and the dragon silver beads for you." She handed two elephant antlers, dragon horns and some silver beads to the front.
After giving us the things, she nodded and smiled at us, then turned and floated away.
"This girl is really amazing." I praised her after the battle with Wan Li Changlong.
"Of course! She is one of the "Five Kings" in China, and the God replied with a smile.
"ah! It was her! No wonder I think she looks familiar! "After hearing this title, Labra suddenly shouted with excitement," She is the second in the BOSS list, and that is called Ling Yi Double Sword King! 」
Eat BOSS list? Double sword king? What is the BOSS list that can be understood later?
Just when I wanted to ask again, the floating house slowly floated to my side and attracted everyone’s attention.
"What is this big ball? "Iron color fantasy curiosity reached out and knocked and touched the metal sphere in front of him.
"It’s an A-class prize for floating houses." I’ll tell you its origin.
"yeah? A-class award is a ball, right? It looks … ordinary! "It seems that this gift is a bit shabby. Labra frowns and shakes her head.
"If you knew its function, you wouldn’t say that." The new killer smiled back at Labra and pointed to it.
"What function does it have? "God is curious to ask.
"Can you get a chat room before you talk? "The flame star hovered in the glider and suggested to stay away from the sun inside.
After he finished this sentence, the floating house changed its appearance, and the liquid metal surface extended outward. When the liquid condensed into a solid at a certain location, the surface of the original metal changed into different colors, and our chat and rest place changed and formed like this.
There is a platform with the size of a courtyard floating on the sea. The head of the platform is collaged into a sunflower pattern by various tiles. The platform is covered with a sunshade umbrella. A big round table and several chairs are set in the center. In the snow Sakura lowers her head. At the side of the table, the platform invites everyone to enter.
"It’s like a sea yard." Black Warrior likes to praise it very much.
"I didn’t expect this thing to be able to deform? Seeing this change, Labra asked curiously, "What other functions does it have? 」
"Here’s a functional explanation booklet for you to read." I handed him the attached explanation booklet.
When all the people platform, the sea courtyard will move to its destination at a leisurely speed.
Just sitting at the positioning table, all kinds of refreshments appeared. While eating, we talked about the unfinished topic just now.
It was only after their explanations that I realized that there were various rankings in the original field, and the most eye-catching one was the "Devil’s Meritorious List".
As the name implies, the Devil Meritorious List is to record the number of demons killed by players. Players jokingly call it the "BOSS List".
Yao Wang’s Meritorious List adopts a scoring system. The game is very simple, that is, the player must challenge the demon king alone, and others can help him to replenish blood and resurrect. Because he has to work hard alone, the demon king’s Meritorious List is also regarded as a strong or weak standard by players.
The Devil’s Meritorious List has a record of 50 places, all of which are among the top five players in the game. The top five players in the Meritorious List are praised by the top five players because their points in the Meritorious List far exceed other players. At present, no one can surpass them, and the player who just passed by the double sword king "Ling Yi" is ranked second in the Devil’s Meritorious List.
"But it’s hard for a master like them to beat the devil casually. It’s hard to surpass them." I feel a little unfair about this scoring system
"It’s more difficult for experts like them to maintain the merit list than others," Yao Ri retorted firmly.
"What? 」
In the face of my confusion, explain to me that "the scoring standard of the list is based on the level, quantity and solving speed of the demon king challenged by the player, and this demon king level is divided according to the player’s physical ability."
Yan Xingyao went on to say in the future, "In short, suppose that their superior abilities are high-level and they go to defeat the intermediate demon king. Because their physical abilities are higher than the demon king’s merit list, they won’t admit this battle, and they won’t add points to their merit list. In addition, if they go to fight the senior demon king, although the battle will be scored, the score will be lower because the demon king class is equal to them."
"This should be to prevent high-level players from practicing in the same area." Black Warrior guessed the reason for ordering this system. "If it is not standardized, it is likely that high-level players will occupy the practice area of low-level players, which will make the low-level players’ law upgrade smoothly and some novices will have nothing to play."
"In fact, these experts are also very poor," Labra said. "I heard from others that some people were killed by monsters because they were too high in rank, because they couldn’t enjoy the fun of fighting monsters in teams like us. As a result, those experts were good at finding things to live with and then challenging the new demon king."
"It’s really sad that you can’t even have a good time fighting …" Iron color rhapsody said sympathetically.
Of course, I can understand the situation of these people. After all, we jumped here because we couldn’t find an opponent, but despite our previous experience, if I have to make another choice …
"I’d rather not find a strong BOSS than be teased by a BOSS monster," I said in a very serious tone.