In the distance, the little savage girl secretly cried bad when she saw the move of the Buddha with thousands of hands, but she also saw the scene that the Buddha with thousands of hands was repeatedly played by Zunbao just now, and the predicament in front of her was that she had put a thousand hands on the Buddha to fight hard!
Xiaoman girl told the team to meet the Buddha with thousands of hands as soon as possible, but when they rushed there, they just saw the scene that Buddha with thousands of hands was surrounded by five people from the other side. Just as their priest was about to perform the treatment, Buddha with thousands of hands fell to the ground miserably and then the other side fled without looking back.
"It’s a shame to be such a despicable tactic!" Xiaoman girl is a woman, and her face turns red with anger, but she is trying to change something. She has completely understood that the other side’s tactics are to constantly harass guerrilla warfare by relying on Zunbao’s long-range attack ability. When they can’t stand going deep alone, they will fall into the other side and ambush thousands of hands. There is no doubt that this is the way to die.
Small pretty girl finally told them not to act alone before Bai Baihan went out for a month. Presumably, she had expected that the other side would make such an extremely shameless tactic.
It’s one thing to know each other’s tactics, but it’s another thing whether they can be cracked or not. The little pretty girl felt flustered when she saw Zunbao’s ghost reappearing with a sinister smile. She faced the choice just now again, but this time her team has been weakened by one point.
Do you want to attack separately or just sit back and watch each other grind them to death? The two ways are just different ways to die, one is to be hacked to death with a knife, and the other is to die with all the meat cut off.
At this time, Xiao Man’s girl finally went after Zunbao with a tragic mood.
"Zunbao, are you a man or not? Come and fight to the death if you have the guts! " Small pretty girl angrily shouted
Cheyenne is very eager for women who doubt whether he is a man or not. However, considering the overall situation, he still pressed this attractive idea and said, "Come and have a try and you will know if I am a man."
The little girl is so angry that she can’t wait to stab the goods, but she can gnash her teeth and tell the priests in the team, "I don’t believe he is so resistant to fighting from a distance!"
The attack power of the holy priest who is best at healing is really pitiful. Anyway, Cheyenne doesn’t care about this. The damage is so hard. It is better to talk with two priests than to attack and keep shooting.
"Let’s stall him!" In the Moon Palace, the guardian knight and the ruling knight players are impatient and take the initiative to fight.
Xiaoman Niu also knew that there must be a dead end in this way, so she nodded and said, "I’ll give it to you!" "
A god-level expert may not be able to hold off the opponent’s five-person rotation attack, but two knight players have such confidence. They also have a very popular combination in the Moon Palace, which is less conspicuous among many teams of experts. At this moment, they feel that it is time to show their strength!
If the two of them can turn the tide, they will be favored by Bai Hanyue, which is the biggest reward for them!
It is no secret that most of the dream lovers of male players in Moon Palace are Bai Hanyue, and they never want to hide their thoughts, but they will continue to show their abilities in an attempt to attract Bai Hanyue’s attention, which is one of the reasons why Moon Palace can be powerful.
Two knight players rushed out confidently, aiming at Zunbao.
Cheyenne naturally saw the other two players, but he kept harassing the remaining three players and ignored the two knight players.
"If you dare to despise us, you will die!" Two knights glances saw each other’s eyes thick murder, two people Qi Xin together to pursue the statue of treasure.
Cheyenne retreated quickly this time, and the two knights tried their best to catch up with each other. They wanted to entangle each other and wait for their own team’s support. If they could support the healing ability of the two holy priests, they would surely defeat!
It is this belief that makes the two knights chase after them without scruple. In a place where the terrain is open and flat, the back road of the two knights players is broken, and a shield warrior and a guardian knight appear.
"What tricks do you want to play again? What about the other two? Call it out and let you see the real strength of our moon palace today! " Ruling knight arrogance call way
Cheyenne suddenly turned back and passed by two knight players without stopping. He said to the shield warrior and the guardian knight player, "They are yours!" "
Zunbao was like a fish that jumped into the sea and soon disappeared.
"No, they are going to deal with the priest!" The two knights looked at Zunbao’s departure direction and tried their best to kill him, hoping to go back to support their weak three support groups. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to break when facing the pure defense array of shield soldiers and guardian knights.
At the same time, the little pretty girls were also attacked by Yan Que and the Knight of the Light. When they saw Zunbao leaping from a distance, they knew that their game had been decided.
A natural druid and two priests may be resistant in this way, but the attack power is close, while the other side is the knight who is best at attacking two people and can return to blood.
In this way, the fighting results can be changed even if the little savage girl is a master of the gods.
Yan Que and the Knight of the Light are responsible for dealing with the natural druid player Xiaoman Niu, who is a master of the gods, while Cheyenne rubs up two delicate priests Xiaoman Niu and struggles to break the game several times, but they are all blocked by the Knight of the Light regardless of their lives.
A priest who consumes mana falls down
Xiao Man Girl tried her best to kill the knight of the Holy Light who had exhausted her mana in the attack of Yan Que, and then Xiao Man Girl also died in the blade of Yan Que’s sharp dagger.
Then Cheyenne solved the battle and killed the last priest.
The war on this side of the knife is also very fierce. The two sides ended up fighting head-on. When Cheyenne and Yan Que came, their own guardian knight had been beaten into a bloody knife. The situation was a little better, but it was also in the wind. After all, the other two knights were slightly better.
With Cheyenne and Yan Que joining the battle, the situation was immediately reversed.
In the end, Cheyenne and Yan Que were left alive in the challenge map, and their blood volume was in jeopardy.
A terrible victory!
If there is another Cheyenne, I’m sure the situation will be different. They will lose ten percent.
The victory this time was due to the opponent’s misjudgment of his strength.
"Congratulations!" Bai Hanyue didn’t lose the vice occupation, but he was angry and calm. Like a stranger, he said something to Bai Mengyan and then turned and left, so that Bai Mengyan was ready to provoke and suppress it in his chest.
The players in the Moon Palace are leaving one after another, but they are not as indifferent as Bai Hanyue.