Extremely winning breath eyes flashing light but carefully said "but … red tiger hand said the other origin! If it is the twelve guards of Qingyu, he will definitely know! And they also saw a handsome man in a white robe! Never seen it! This … "
Burn old cold eyes shun ran a clot narrowing her eyes looked at him "walked …"
Just as Huang Lao’s cold eyes were sharp and he looked at the extremely long victory, the old palace suddenly burst into a deafening sound in such a quiet atmosphere in the morning!
Passing 18-wheeler, although Su Ling’s expression froze, her face was a haze in the blink of an eye and she ran outside the temple without saying anything!
This scene is extremely long-lasting, and Huang Lao did not hesitate to go directly!
Seeing Su Ling running out and heading straight for the Golden Temple behind the main hall, Huang Laosan slowed down his steps. Although his eyes were tightly fixed on Su Ling’s figure, he said to his side, "Let them prepare to go out of the city for a while!"
"yes! Lord! "
After a very long victory, he flew away directly!
In the same place, Huang Lao walked slowly, but suddenly he looked at an old tree covered with falling snow and said, "Get ready!"
It’s a rustling wind around the vast hall to respond to burn the old one!
Words fall burn old will no longer stay directly flicker and rushed to the direction of during!
Just now, he also clearly heard that the explosion came from here!
Could it be that something happened to Xiezhen Yueliu Huafa? !
At that time, Su Ling, who had dared to go to the Golden Temple before Huang Lao, looked at the scene of a mess and ruins on the steps for a minute!
What the hell happened here? !
Su Ling froze and stood in the distance and burned the old one, and it was already soaring!
He jumped into Su Ling’s side in an instant and held her in his arms!
Then, with a bright cold light, he frowned and looked at the Golden Temple. It was not long before he burst into full bloom. "The moon flows out!"
Didn’t you say let him solve the array method here? !
How to make the golden hall look like this again!
Although the golden urn is shabby and messy, at least it can be seen that it is a well-preserved temple!
But now, in the dust all over the sky, you can vaguely see that the top of the temple has been overturned!
After a cold drink, Huang Lao and Su Ling will both stare at the sky full of dust!
Later, I saw a man stepping out slowly from the inside. At the same time, he kept fanning the dust on his nose and finally revealed the truth. His face was so earthy that even his robe had several pieces of broken samples that Su Ling and Huang Lao were in distress situation!
In my mind, I seem to remember seeing absolute beauty as he was in Biancheng!
But now … Where does he look like? There is no such thing as the original love of beauty!
"Ha ha ha! Sure enough, God shuts one door but he opens another. Sure enough! Everything comes to him who waits. I finally opened the array! Su Ling, how can you thank me? "
Although he is in such a mess, his tone and posture are so bright and happy!
So Su Ling couldn’t help but stall and sip her red lips in surprise and asked, "Are you really untied?"
On China’s triumphant smile hung all over her brow. In front of the ruined golden palace, there was dust all over her body, but he smiled so clearly that he nodded happily. "Of course! Who am I? Besides, I’ve never met such a tricky array. If I don’t find a way to solve it, I’m sorry for my skill! "
The more you say, the more excited you are. When you finish, you don’t want to jump directly to Su Ling’s side and pull her wrist while walking. He said, "You come to this law quickly. Since I untied it, there has been a hole in the ground of this golden hall! See if you are looking for something! "
Liu Hua’s excited expression is hard to hide, and he has completely forgotten his identity!
Pulling Su Ling’s wrist, he quickly ran into the collapsed golden palace while Huang Lao sighed in the same place with a cold face!
Su Ling was one leng one leng by Liu Hua!
This fellow said last night that it was difficult to solve the law, but it took him only one night to crack it!
But also made such a big noise!
I’m sure it’s not just them. I’m afraid outsiders in the old palace will hear it clearly!
Su Ling dragged her into the collapsed golden palace by the moon. Pieces of tiles and sawdust were obviously not so powerful that such a huge explosion would produce such power.
Be careful to cross a broken cantilever beam and then cross a mountain of tiles. Finally, Su Ling was rambled by the moon and walked into the golden palace!
Looking around, I was suddenly surprised!
I have to say that this golden temple has been bombed beyond recognition, but the root of the temple is gilded with gold, but the Panlong gold column is still not standing tall!
Even without any damage!