Xiao Wujiang endured the inner excitement and picked up dragon sword. It was so heavy that the weight was above 1,000 kilos!
"Good Dao!" Xiao Wu still couldn’t help but blurt out his inner excitement and praise. He didn’t think his cold iron stick was really overbearing until now. Compared with dragon sword, it was simply a comparison between a street hooligan and a professional terrorist.
"That hide is the secret method recorded on the hidden dragon’s tactic, which can help the master restore his divine power," said the Golden Shield.
If dragon sword’s bullying is to throw a stone in Xiao Wu’s heart lake, then the hidden dragon tactic mentioned by Golden Shield Twelve is to drop a bomb in Xiao Wu’s heart lake. God only appears in legends, let alone as a god. It is impossible to even take a look at what it looks like. As a symbol of God, the omnipotent divine power is naturally mysterious and unimaginable. Now Xiao Wu has an opportunity to possess divine power. How can he not be moved?
Xiao Wu grabbed the hide and his hand was shaking slightly. "Can the Golden Shield Twelve really have divine power?"
"Yes, it’s true."
Xiao Wu shook off the hide fiercely, but he was dumbfounded. There wasn’t even a word on it.
"What is this?" Xiao Wu looked at it carefully again, but to his disappointment, there was not even a little ink on the hide, and now it was so clean that it was annoying.
Twelve of the Golden Shield looked at it blankly and said, "It’s only a matter of time before my ability and status can explain the sacred object. It depends on the master’s slow memory and excavation. It’s only a matter of time before you get back the magical power after you crack the mysterious master of the hidden dragon tactic."
Xiao Wu doesn’t think this time problem is a small problem. He depresses dragon sword and Hidden Dragon tactic into the storage bracelet.
"By the way, you are a golden demon. What were you before you became a demon?" Xiao Wu asked.
Golden Shield Twelve said, "I and Golden Shield Twelve are a combined shield of the master. Now that Golden Shield Thirteen is dead, I can only change half the size of the shield, and my protection ability will be weakened by half. Do you want to have a look?"
"Of course." I didn’t expect that Golden Shield Twelve was actually a shield, and Xiao Wu’s curiosity was immediately hooked up. Only to see that the Golden Shield Twelve didn’t do any action or recite a spell, its body began to change, its limbs and head were strangely indented into its body, became a metal mass, and then spread to both sides. When all the changes stopped, it had become a square shield with a height of one meter each.
Golden shield completed the change and automatically flew to Xiao Wu’s hand. Xiao Wu held the handle of the shield and sank again. This shield was at least above six hundred catties!
Xiao Wu waved the Golden Shield several times and said, "Are you pure gold?"
A lip appeared on the golden shield, and the voice of the golden shield 12 changed from the previous sonority to a buzzing vague sound. "Master, I am not pure gold. Besides gold, there are 72 kinds of rare metals, among which 59 kinds cannot be found on the earth. Do you want me to recite them to you one by one from the vast starry sky?"
I feel dizzy when I listen to a string of numbers Xiao Wu said by Golden Shield Twelve. "We don’t need to look back. We are studying it now, and now we have wronged you to stay in my storage bracelet. Now we can’t let people show your existence."
"I respect your master’s order," Jin Dun said with a respectful voice.
Xiao Wu ha ha smiled, and he simply threw the golden shield turned into a storage bracelet.
Now Xiao Wu’s storage bracelet contains something that can make the whole world crazy. How to deal with dragon sword, Hidden Dragon Tactics and Golden Shield has become a headache for Xiao Wu, but it seems that these are not the most headache for Xiao Wu. What makes him most headache is how to tell his four women or whether to tell them the truth.
Originally, an ordinary person was suddenly told that the blood flowing from Long Dan is also the mysterious power of Dragon Blood and Long Li. In addition, there is a memory of Qinglong, which is such a complicated thing. Xiao Wu is sure that if he says it from his mouth, he will not be clear and his women will think that he is telling a bad story.
But what is certain is that Xiao Wu or Xiao Wu Qinglong’s new life is his Xiao Wu, and he Xiao Wu is the new life that combines the inner Dan of Qinglong. There is no change or gap.
Thinking is never the strong point of a man like Xiao Wu. He scratched his ass and took one last look at the stone temple that turned into ruins and walked over to a cliff.
Climbing up the cliff, the sun shone down head-on, and the salty sea breeze gently blew Xiao Wu, feeling that he was extremely Shu Tai.
Walking down the hillside, Xiao Wu saw Tang Lan calling his name all the way and running towards him quickly. He remembered that the power of imprisonment had disappeared. He actually didn’t have to climb the cliff painstakingly and could fly up on his cold iron bars.
"my god!" Xiao Wu said that he felt that after he had a memory in his head, he became less brilliant.
"Old Xiao!" Tang Lan finally ran to the front of Xiao Wu, but at the sight of the ferocious guy between his legs, he quickly turned his back. "Bah! Lao Xiao, what are you doing? "
Xiao Wu also looked down between his legs and immediately smiled smugly: "It’s not like you haven’t seen what you are ashamed of?"
"I’ve never seen you so dirty." Tang Lan still turned around and faced the guy between Xiao Wu’s legs, which she had not only seen but also used, but this can’t be the reason for his casual exposure, can it?
Xiao Wu took out the inner Dan of the iron demon and handed it to Tang Lan "for you."
"What is it?" Tang Lan looked curiously at the iron demon’s inner Dan and looked at Xiao Wu’s strange way: "What have you been doing for half an hour? It’s been several hours. I’m worried about you. Do you know?"
"Nothing. I just had a fight with that strange fish. This is its inner Dan. Can’t you absorb metal elements? Try to absorb this inner Dan and see what unexpected effect it might have." Xiao Wu gave Tang Lan the Inner Dan of Iron Demon.
Tang Lan took the iron demon Neidan but didn’t touch her. "We’d better go back and absorb it again. We’ve been out for so long, and they must be worried, too."
Xiao Wu suddenly held Tang Lan in his arms and Tang Lan exclaimed, "What are you doing?"
Xiao Wu asked, "What do you want?"
Tang Lan’s face turned red. "No, you’re so dirty. You have to take a shower first."
Xiao Wu laughed: "I hugged you to fly back with a cold iron stick. Where did you want to go?" Do you miss my little cold iron stick? "
"Bah! I miss your head! " Tang Lan a powder fist simply dao to xiao five slight cold iron bar.
Xiao Wu’s smiling face suddenly froze.
All sticks are fragile except the real cold iron sticks.

Chapter ninety-two
When the mutilated body of the Golden Shield exploded, Fox Mountain also felt a corresponding induction. He stood on the deck of the Yellow Sea and observed the island with a telescope, but he didn’t see the smoke and fire generated by the explosion, and Xiao Wu, who he wanted to see most, was on the island, but he had a vague feeling that Xiao Wu was on the island.
What’s even weirder is that an hour or two after the explosion, the original blue sea water turned into clear blue, which is completely different from the sea water in other sea areas, and the electronic instruments of the Yellow Sea also returned to normal function. These bizarre phenomena can only explain one problem, that is, the magical power of imprisonment in this sea area has disappeared.
The confusion in Fox Mountain’s heart is naturally unusual. He has a strong impulse to take a look at the island, but just as he was about to leave, he saw Xiao Wu flying back with a cold iron stick. Of course, he also saw Xiao Wu’s other stick. Although it is many times smaller than the cold iron stick, its appearance is far more ferocious than the cold iron stick.
Xiao Wu, who is naked, and Xiao Wu, who is dressed, seem to be two completely different people, which can be seen from Tang Lan in his arms.
"Oh, really, you look so ugly, especially that thing and you are the meanest person I have ever met!" Tang Lan said something like this for more than a hundred times. Of course, she also watched Xiao Wu’s crotch for a hundred times. She was also very surprised at that stupid thing. Since it is so ugly, why can’t she help but look at it and even want to reach out and touch it?
Tang Lan thinks this strange feeling is more complicated than writing a novel with a million words.
Xiao Wu kept a mysterious smile on his face, but he didn’t know why he was happy.
Qin Kerr, Xu Qingqing and sycophantic son naturally saw this scene. In fact, they were also tired of waiting on the deck and were preparing to leave for Xiao Wu and Tang Lan.
Qin Keer was the most impatient. She had spread her wings and flew to the sky. But when she saw Xiao Wu, who was naked, flying back with a cold iron stick in a shameless manner, she forgot to flap her wings and fell from the sky and fell heavily on the deck.
Xu Qingqing muttered, "How could he be like this? How can I love such a guy? "
Being sycophantic is smiling. "That’s cool. That’s a real man! Both sticks are so strong! "
Xu Qingqing and Qin Chloe stared at the fox son with disdain, and they were disdainful to associate with this fox.
Xiao Wu and Tang Lan landed on the deck of the Yellow Sea in the dazzling sunshine. The scene was similar to that of a fairy tale in which the prince and princess descended slowly in the clouds all over the sky. The princess was naturally perfect. She had a charming classical temperament, but the prince was not so good at all. He was more like a robber who robbed the princess halfway and prepared to rape her.
Xiao Wuyi rushed up to the fox mountain when he landed. He was full of doubts and speculations, but before he could say a word, the three women on the deck began to soar.
"Lao Xiao, what did you do?" Xu Qingqing asked first.
"Did you go to steal to eat? This is a foul! " The sycophantic son also made a noise, and the so-called rule was also made by her, that is, no one can do that thing secretly.
"Did you set fire to rob?" This is what Qin Keer wants to know most now.
Xiao Wu put his hands between his hips. He was like a thief caught red-handed. He also knew that if he told what he had experienced at this time, he would get eight pink fists.