"Yan blows the wind!"
Most of Yan’s disciples majored in swordsmanship-Dancing in the Wind. It is also subtle. At this time, in the hands of three people, they are complementary and superimposed, and they are connected by special appearances. The power has skyrocketed by a lot.
David, David …
In the howling wind, a blood swallow of Shenjun fluttered with the wind, flying three times.
Both the swift and sharp wind and the lightness and flexibility of Yan, under the pressure of this recruit Jianshan by Yan Jiao, the three of them were able to carry it down like this.
Yin! Yin! Yin!
Sword songs roared, and four figures waved swords at will on the open grass, constantly fighting. Among the onlookers, those who were slightly weaker could only see a black shadow.
"Unexpectedly, this Yan Jue is usually good, but at this time, I found out that I still underestimated him."
A disciple in blue, who is practicing qi, looked at this sword fight intently. "Especially the first move,’ Wangting Jianfeng’, is really a terrible move, which not only contains the artistic conception of the sword mountain, but also seems to have one of the cycles with continuous stamina, which is profound and profound!"
Yan’s children can be divided into three levels according to the factors of cultivation, namely, the black disciple at the beginning, the backbone blue disciple and the most elite white disciple!
Yan Jue, Yan Qingshan and others are all blue robes, while white disciples are only a few people such as Yan Hong.
"Yes, it is said that this set of swordsmanship was created by the eldest son on the pavilion building in Houshan, and the grade is comparable to those on the third floor of the sutra depository!"
"Big childe not the kui is my yanshan city … no, it should be the whole nine xuan terran, are surprised to unique brilliant genius, inherit yanshan city in the future, but it is a matter of course, as for those guys …"
Blue-robed disciples have basically seen Yan Hong’s incomparable elegance, which is just like the sun above nine, enough to make them completely convinced. At this time, they can’t help but look at Yan Qingfeng and others coldly.
"However, in my opinion, these three people, Qingfeng, Qingcheng and Qingzhao, are not too weak. They can still struggle under the sword of Yan Jue!"
"It’s no use. I’ve been lucky enough to see Yan Hong’s son shoot. The Wangting swordsmanship is amazing in his hand, and the ordinary practicing dzogchen is in his hand. I’m afraid I don’t even have the courage to shoot."
Yan Rong is the best of the blue robe disciples, impressed by Yan Hong’s unparalleled bearing, and is a solid supporter of Yan Hong. Looking at several people on the field at this time, I can’t help but sneer. "Although Yan Jue is far from reaching the level of Yan Hong’s son, as long as you get half of Yan Hong’s son’s true biography, it will be enough to easily defeat those three idiots!"
"And, looking at the pavilion Jianfeng, it’s not that simple. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. With this recruit, Yan Hong’s son killed a shedding eagle, which was extremely terrible …"
Sure enough, under the crazy attack of three people, Yan Jiao took one sword after another, leisurely, and the empty sword marks not only stopped the other side from attacking like a raging wind, but also a wonderful artistic conception gradually became strong and slowly reached its peak!
"Wangting Jianfeng!"
The momentum is accumulated to the limit, and a verdant mountain peak just like substance is ten times more terrible than Yan Jue’s first shot.
This type of swordsmanship contains Yan Hong’s understanding of the circulation of landscapes and clouds. Theoretically, as long as it is not broken at the beginning, it has been saved, and a blow is enough to break the sky!
At that time, Yan Hong used this swordsmanship to deduce it to the extreme. The boundless power of landslides, seas dried up and rocks crumbled and the wind and clouds surged, and the sword leaped to the third level, killing the animals that were in the double body-shedding state with the realm of practicing Qi, thus laying his authority among the younger generation! (To be continued. . )

Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Yan Fei Yan, Hong Fei Hong
Wangting Jianfeng is a sword with endless stamina. Yan Jue, who has accumulated to the peak, has increased his combat power by more than ten times compared with the previous one.
"Hold on!"
Yan Qingfeng and others’ faces changed greatly, and those who didn’t face the right move couldn’t describe the horror of this move. In it, they felt a determination …
Can’t pick up?
Then die!
Three people glances, shout at top of voice, in a breath, body movement, form a simple appearance, revealing a bit mysterious triangle, Dao Dao sword light layer upon layer superposition, forming a bloody giant sword of sword light.
Violent blood swallows rose into the sky, and the volley rushed towards the verdant hills, filled with a tragic breath.
In this regard, Yan Jue gave a hint of sneer. "It’s ridiculous to shake the tree!"
Cut it!
At this time, the small Jianshan, which is hundreds of meters small, has completely demonstrated the heavy sharpness unique to the epee … This is that the epee has no front, and the ingenuity does not work!
Under the collapse of the sky, do ants have the strength to struggle?
The blood swallow is like broken glass at this time, fragmented!
Three broken standard swords, broken into sections and scattered, while Yan Qingfeng and others vomited blood and fell to the ground. At that time, they failed to get up!
Three people, after all, with Yan Juetong at this time, are practicing the eight-fold cultivation close to the peak. Together, although they were hit hard, they still saved a life.
"Breaking into the big childe’s study and stealing many secret books, I will take you down this time and hand you over to Zhanglv Hall for handling!"
Go to the front of Yan Qingfeng and others. Yan Jue’s blue robe is not messy, and the offensive of the three people only makes him look pale. If he was not caught off guard earlier, I’m afraid he won’t even leave minor injuries.
"Yan Qing three brothers lost!"
"I didn’t expect that Yan Jue after holding a sword was so terrible. I’m afraid I can catch up with those talented disciples under Yan Hong’s son!"
"Hum! Yan Jue’s kendo talent is extremely high, if he is not as old as those, otherwise, under the guidance of Yan Hong’s son. I’m afraid that a few are not necessarily able to beat him … "
Yan Qing three brothers even in the blue robe disciple. All of them are outstanding, but at this time they were defeated simply and neatly. Suddenly, many disciples commented on Yan Jue. Straight up!
"Hum! Yan Jue. How dare you. I actually seriously injured my disciples in the house. "
Just then, a 14-year-old boy in a white robe with a long golden belt around his waist. When I came out, the strong domineering in my eyes came out, just like the essence. "People who are so ignorant of government regulations must take you down and see what Yan Hong says when you see it!"