Son of a bitch, what can you do? Luo Xiunu is angry, but the young man is not afraid.
This car is my symbol of Qingcheng Mountain. How can he sit for me? As the young man stretched out his Taoist tactic, he called.
Pulling a cart and pulling a red dragon to see a person greet his master’s hand simply with a bite of dragon’s inflammation. The disadvantage of this dragon’s inflammation is that it has not changed, and its power is not small. Most monsters in the then-elixir period will be killed if they are sprayed by dragon’s inflammation.
The young man’s face suddenly turned to anger, and he drank a lot of evil animals and dared to run wild in my Qingcheng Mountain.
He has returned to the law to sacrifice the sword pill and take the red dragon’s head straight.
The sword wheel Di Ku was greeted by a sword pill. It is difficult for a gas refining person to collide with the sword pill. Even if his strength is higher than that of the enemy, he can do it. Di Ku’s body is sword pill, and his perception of the enemy’s sword pill is different. His sword fell and the young man’s sword pill bounced away.
The young man’s throat is full of sweet blood, so he can’t help but spray it to see that the sword pill has broken a gap. It’s fatal that somehow a trace of Shaqi has infiltrated into the sword pill, killing the brand of Yang God.
Bold fanatics ran wild in Qingcheng n, and the younger brothers took him.
Aotian Long, you are still so ridiculous. Leitian is my companion. How can I move my sword in Qingcheng Mountain? Tell the truth, it’s called Long Aotian. Young people suddenly become stupefied.
Luo Xiudao is married.
How dare those teacher younger brothers Aotian Long commit tomfoolery? They all know how much Luo Xiu is favored in Qingcheng Mountain, let alone bringing a Taoist couple to play. It is not a problem for Luo Xiu to take her Taoist couple to practice in the blessed land.
Seeing everyone moving forward, the more ashamed and ashamed they are, the more staring at the driver’s sword wheel. Di Ku Daoluo, the martial sister’s Taoist couple, can of course move the sword in Qingcheng Mountain. This driver must be punished.
Luo Xiu shouted, "Get out of here, blind thing. This is the embodiment of sword pill. You have to punish a weapon."
Aotian Long blushed at Luo Xiu’s remarks and turned to leave with a red pepper.
He can’t say that he will punish the tiger who pulls the rickshaw. The tiger is wearing silk armor and is also a part of the chariot. This chariot is a relic of Qingcheng City. If he punishes this tiger, he will slap Qingcheng City in the face.
That snake body, you split up, right? Luo Xiu was in a bad mood by Aotian Long. He waved the window and the chariot broke through the clouds and rushed to Qingcheng Mountain.
Leitian said in the middle of the car how people like Aotian Long are in Qingcheng Mountain.
I touched the corner of Fenglin. I’m really unlucky.
It’s too bad that I practice the mountain top a hundred miles away from him. That’s too bad. Without him in the four shows of Qingcheng Mountain, he is stronger than me, and he preaches everywhere that he wants me to be his companion.
His master is very good, isn’t he? Asking key questions in vain.
His master is his biological father, Long Shibo, and this is the only one.
Chu is a soldier-weary man.
Rubbish! Luo Xiu sighed.
Is your master good or his own father good? Leitian asked another question.
Of course, my master is good, otherwise he would have been bin, and you should know this very well.
Do you want me to kill him
Don’t let Luo Xiu get a fright.
I, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, killed him, and no one can guess that I did it.
Leitian killing with n is always bad. Luo Xiuyin turns soft to discourage Leitian way
White nodded and said, I’m just asking if this person is bad for me, I always have to fight back, and I don’t know what to do.
If he attacks your hand, you can fight back any way you want. If he scolds you in front of your mountain, you can break his legs more.
Leitian, um, stopped talking. At this time, he already felt that Luo Xiu at the top of the carriage looked up and looked at the place with a trace of God.
I don’t know who is observing Qingcheng Mountain, and I can feel this trace of god’s knowledge. It is also based on the power of reincarnation and the ability to return to The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
Luo Xiu, don’t go to see Zhang N, just go back to the mountain.
When a stereo in the carriage said this, he would never feel that trace of god again in Leitian.
Master Luo Xiulu’s has been to Bai Qidao Fang. I saw what you did. Don’t worry, Master won’t be bad for you. If you are weak, he will let me drive you away first.
Chapter two hundred countered
Chapter two hundred countered
That Aotian Long was ashamed and resentful and went back to his mountain. The more he thought about it, the more angry he was. He had been chasing Luo Xiu for years. That Luo Xiulai was not false, but Fang’s Luo Xiudao couple was beside Luo Xiu, but he was not at all welcome.
I was angry that I didn’t even see the figure. I saw the incarnation of a tiger and a sword pill
He turned and left the Jidao Palace and flew westward. He passed the Luoxiuyong Mountain and saw a depressed person in the mountain. He crossed the mountain and went to the first blessed place in Qingcheng Mountain.
When you enter the blessed land, all the guards know him. No one will come straight to my father to practice local avenue. Dad, I’m coming.
Are you hurt in the fight, Dan? Y in the room, you go and get it