When the news spread throughout the Tianlan demon world through the transmission array, all the towns that fell asleep under the night suddenly woke up. There are noisy people everywhere. Some people are running around telling each other, while others are hiding in their own courtyard and whispering with their families …
This is the most historic day in the whole history of Tianlan demon world. No one can keep calm except those children who are not sensible.
Those far-sighted people have begun to infer the next situation of Tianlan demon world and what kind of reaction they should make.
But after much thought, they only got an answer. That’s all to be decided.
They may usher in a new era of happiness, but they may also fall into another dark era.
Under the pressure of the demon race, the alliance of gods in the world has never made any big moves to the human beings in this world. Who knows what attitude the demon race will have towards the local human beings in this world?
That the most can be expected, it is still a small organization with a total number of no more than 50 …
And this time. The number of times that the organization of Zhengxianhui has been mentioned is not as much as the name of a certain person in this organization. That name is Xiao Wen!
Everyone knows that it was Xiao Wen who fired the first shot of the decisive battle!
When the demon race and the world god alliance stationed troops over the Qihao Plain, they were still laying out their principles and principles, but Xiao Wen was hidden in the air and was the first to launch a sneak attack!
Sneak attack
All the words used are these two words!
However, when they say these two words because of Xiao Wen’s question, the sneak attack has the meaning of a strong attack!
A high-ranking immortal almost rushed into the enemy’s nearly 100 immortal kings and thousands of immortals alone. Who has the courage? !
Who has this ability? ! !
That’s either a sneak attack or a strong attack! ! !
Some people who are not well-informed enough, as well as those who don’t care much about the war, have also learned Xiao’s name this time.
From that night on, they have been trying to collect all the news about Xiao Wen, and want to know what kind of person he is.
This process is not so simple, and it takes a lot of time. Xiao asked the person the detailed information about it before it spread further in Tianlan demon world.

Chapter four hundred and fifteen Life
Only then did people know that Xiao Wen didn’t actually have superhuman powers. To a great extent, he was actually an ordinary person. However, he dared to vent the injustice in his heart and dare to stand up and fight the demon race.
Admittedly, he has some special skills. But from the realm, he is actually just the realm of the Great Immortal. He is really nothing in the demon world of Tianlan, and he will die if he is not careful.
What makes him dare to do this?
And why can’t those who are also extremely dissatisfied with the demon race dare?
There is no need to think deeply at all, because the reason is particularly obvious, that is, he has more courage.
Some people will worry about this and that, and they can’t get out, but he has no worries and throws himself out!
Isn’t it such a person that Tianlan demon world has always needed?
To this extent, Xiao Wen has the feeling of being a civilian hero. He is not born or maverick. He is an ordinary person who did what everyone wanted to do but didn’t dare to do, and he succeeded.
There are many dazzling characters and many sad characters in this war that has changed the demon world of Tianlan, and Xiao Wen is not the only one being discussed.
Li Qiushi, Xue Zhu, Tong Bingyun of the God League, the rabbit predecessors and Lin Xiang of the Zhengxian Society, there are more demon families over there, with the golden body headed by Sheng Peng, the thunderstorm god ape ranked second, and there are more famous monster beasts behind …
Xiao Wen is just one of these people and monster beast, but people’s focus will always be focused. He won a certain number of supporters through this war and his previous performances in Tianlan demon world.
And like Duan Yan, there is only a girl asked by Xiao in her eyes and heart. By this time, happiness has exploded …
Her heart is becoming a big hero who knows everything in Tianlan demon world!
The gap between the two sides is even bigger, and she feels more impossible to get together with Xiao Wen, but this hinders her love for Xiao Wen.
She is still living a normal life. There is obviously no such person around, but that person is everywhere.
After the decisive battle, the situation of Tianlan demon world entered another situation.
The demon clan lost in a muddle, so they didn’t want to admit that this failure was the final failure, and they all thought they could make a comeback.
Therefore, the resistance of the demon race still exists in the whole Tianlan demon world, even including the northern part of Tianlan demon world that was completely defeated before.
However, there is an indisputable fact. Since the decisive battle on the Qihao Plain, any frontal battle between the demon race and the allied forces of Jieshenmeng and Zhengxianhui all ended in fiasco!
In this way, after several battles, more than half of the top combat power of the 193 demon alliance was killed and wounded, and the blind can already see that the demon race is doomed.
The demon race is still holding on, and the demon alliance with nests is desperately building a large array to protect the alliance, while the demon alliance without nests is running everywhere and starting a guerrilla war.
It will really take some time for the alliance of the gods and the alliance of the immortals to completely destroy the fighting will of the demon race.
Under such circumstances, as long as it is not a general war. Xiao Wen has no need to play again. First, because his own realm is low and his combat power is not strong enough; Second, because he can easily become the key target of the demon race. It’s not worth exposing yourself to danger in a small-scale battle.
Therefore, in this moment when everyone thinks that the God League and the Immortal Society can defeat the demon race from the front, there is no need to play any tricks with Y and N, and Xiao Wen sneaked into Xijing again.
Because Xijing is located in the west of Tianlan Demon World, it has avoided several previous wars. However, as the base of Zhenxi Demon League, which ranks in the top of the 193 Demon League, it will surely become the key target of the joint forces of Jieshen League and Zhengxian League.
It’s only a matter of time before the peace and tranquility here will come to an end.
In those previous battles. Fairy realm rarely takes part in the battle, but with the development of the situation, the situation of the demon race is getting worse and worse, and fairy realm people gradually appear on the battlefield.
Xiao Wen still thinks that Duan Chang is a fairy realm, and he has already entered the main office of Xijing. In this case, he will definitely go to the battlefield sooner or later.
The sword has no eyes. The avatar is even more blind and forced to the battlefield. Duan Changchang’s life is not more valuable than others’ lives.
When Xiao asked about this, what he wanted to do most was to ask Duan Changchang about it. See if you can find a way to keep him out of the war.
On a big tree in the southeast of Duan’s yard, Xiao Wen unscrewed the magic streamer ring and hid it inside.
Every time he used to lie in this tree and secretly observe Duan Yan, now Duan Chang is not at home at all, and Xiao Wen has to pay attention to his old job. Hiding in that tree again, he felt quite funny in his heart, and felt that he was quite destined to be with this tree.
As a person who has never really been in love, Xiao Wen also has a certain longing for the feelings of men and women, and young and beautiful girls are also attractive to him.
However, since Doggi woke up and set foot on the road of practice, some of his ideas have changed.
I don’t know where and when he came to the conclusion that women are all in love. If you want to marry a man, you must want to live with that man and get all of him.