The speak is a tall man who is dressed in paint black armor and even his face is completely wrapped. His voice is deep and hoarse, and he can’t recognize his age. His arm is holding a sword hung around his waist and wrapped in a dark scabbard. The whole person is motionless in the thick rain, and the bright yellow light flows from the rain. If he doesn’t speak, he looks like another black statue of God of War.
"Destroy it if it belongs to heaven," whispered a man who stood respectfully behind the dark God of War and wore scarlet armor. This man had sharp eyebrows and even if he was not angry, there was a strong Shaqi. It was the Noxas player Dreius who came back from the War College.
"Let’s think about how to live through the night." A very thin and lame man came from the other side with a cane. Looking at his cruel face, you can feel how dirty this man is hiding in his stomach. At this moment, this man is teasing a black crow standing on his shoulder, taking care of his wet feathers. While teasing, he still smiles from time to time. The warm smile on his gloomy face is very mysterious.
Dreius, who had a hot temper, didn’t get angry this time. He glanced at the lame man but didn’t speak.
"Swein is right." The man in the lacquered black armor can’t hear his emotions. "How’s the assassination team going?"
"The enemy will come out from the No.1 intersection of the third block. I have ambushed 300 people there. From the third block to here, it is almost in a straight line. I put 300 people in the mountain path every 300 yards. I put 1,000 people in Thain Ogat’s conservative estimate, which can consume half of the enemy’s strength." The lame man is still teasing the crow on his shoulder with no respect for the peak.
"It’s not like you." The man in dark armor seems to be smiling very weakly.
"General’s adult, you have to be white in front of absolute power." Swein suddenly turned his head and seemed very dissatisfied with others questioning himself.
"Svein must not be polite to the general." Dreius realized that he wanted to press Svein forward in the previous step.
"No" was called the general, and the dark god of war shook his hand to show that it was all right. "He said it was right, and he was the No.1 think tank of Noxas. I am very glad that if I die tonight, I believe that Noxas will never die, and it will be more brilliant." He waved lightly and said that he died.
"General …" Dreius listened to this kind of last words and was silent for a long time. The rain slid from his forehead to his armor, but he felt that he was not good at words. He could finally say "Long live Knox"
"Long live …" The general repeated the word for a long time. "Any of us may die tonight."
No one talks anymore.
The rain continued to fall, and three men without umbrellas just looked at the dark night and said nothing.
The smell of death is approaching
No.1 intersection of the third block
The worn-out cover iron sheet was pushed by people, and the green shoes took the lead in stepping into the earth flowing with acid rain.
"I have to say that Knox Sass is really a rotten place." Master Yi brushed the rotten raindrops on his shoulders and breathed a strong smell of alcohol.
Sun Wu followed closely and stepped on the ground. As soon as he appeared in the rain, he arched his body and put his bronze stick in front of him. He felt a strong murderous look coming from all corners.
"Don’t be nervous." Master Yi pulled out the odd-shaped green sword behind him and strolled towards the dilapidated avenue outside. "The night is still long."
Rain fell from the high eaves and hit the broken ground with a "crack" sound.
In the dark, the killers no longer hide their bodies, and gradually brought them into an encirclement as Master Sun Wuyi advanced.
Men in lacquered black robes silently drew dark blades from their sleeves, and people shouted and stepped silently.
The rain was sparse at first, and the rain instantly stabbed everyone like a sword.
With the neat steps, the murder tore the rain curtain for a moment
"Make amends, people with blood on their hands." Master Yi pointed his sword at the rain and slipped from the blade of the sword like singing.
Like blood.
Sun Wuli, the "Amitabha Buddha", has already broken through the rain curtain "sending you, your land and your prison by the bitter sea"
The murder will begin.
First Geng
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Page 67 Drain the last drop of blood tonight
The rain is still there.
The neat pace has stopped, and Master Sun Wuyi has been tightly surrounded by a tiny encirclement.
There is a way out.
Silent blade lifted neatly and brushed in the dense rain.
Master Yi’s green helmet with several eyes flickered in the dark rainy night, like the head of some ancient behemoth blinking.
Sun Wu stood on the ground with the huge copper-yellow stick, and the proud momentum seemed to be back in the heavenly palace.