Kunpeng stared at Qing Ye and said, "I wonder, Saint Violet, what brings you to Beiming today?"
Kunpeng’s shrill voice shocked 96 Iceland in Beiming, shocking 96 disciples and countless registered disciples under it. A flash of light just heckled at the saint, and his face was a little pale.
Chapter ninety-eight The central jade apricot yellow flag
After listening to Kun Peng’s words, Qing Ye smiled: "I said Kun Peng, don’t be so nervous. We haven’t known each other for tens of thousands of years. It’s lonely for you to live here. I came to see you hundreds of millions of miles away, so you treat guests like this?" After hearing this bad guy’s words, Nu Wa smiled "poof-poof" in her heart, not far away? That’s true, but what’s the difference between this distance and a few meters or hundreds of meters in front of saints? However, Nu Wa has some doubts about what Kun Peng can miss as a husband.
Kun Peng’s face was different. He pressed his anger and forced a smile, but it was even uglier than crying. He said in his heart, "I’m living here? Not just to avoid you. " Although I thought so in my heart, I said, "No, how dare the burrow Demon Master Palace let the violet sage and Nu Wa empress bow down? I am flattered by the violet sage’s coming this time."
Qing Ye squinted and squinted. This Kun Peng is exquisite. When the gods showed their knowledge, they discovered the strangeness of 96 Iceland in Beiming. They sneered in their hearts: "This Kun Peng wants to trap the saints with a cold and frozen soul array?"
Qing Ye said with a smile, "Kun Peng, I haven’t seen you for countless years. You have lived a rich life. There are thousands of disciples, and even Hao Tian doesn’t dare to mess with you. It’s not bad. Besides, the second corpse has been cut off, and the road has become more and more refined." Kunpeng didn’t even dare to shout, but Qing Ye changed his tone: "However, you are so bold! Dare to be a black hand to a saint! "
The spread of the sage’s power is the cultivation of a thin line between Kun Peng and the sage, and it is also like a lonely leaf in the wild waves.
Kun Peng’s color changed, and Qing Ye came here this time. He wanted to know his purpose with his thigh, so Kun Peng had to prepare early. His original intention was to let ninety-six disciples launch a cold and frozen soul array, just in case, when the array was launched, he was silent, and he didn’t want to be known by Qing Ye. A saint is a saint!
However, although saints are immortal, they can be trapped. As long as they are properly used, 96 Iceland in Beiming have long been refined by Kunpeng, and they can form a frozen soul array with a thought.
This ice East Soul Array is also one of the congenital large arrays of the five elements, which is extremely powerful. Kun Peng is confident. With his current practice, the demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi and twelve ancestors entered the array. Inadvertently, they will also be trapped by it, and this array will be launched. Kun Peng of the array heart can gather the practice of ninety-six disciples in ninety-six Iceland, making Kun
However, Kun Peng is not sure whether this is the case. After all, saints are supreme beings.
Therefore, Kun Peng didn’t dare to tear his face again unless he had to. After two lessons, Kun Peng didn’t want to have another fight with Qing Ye. He couldn’t help laughing: "The violet saints laughed. These small arrays are just to prevent the heavenly soldiers from attacking. How dare you deal with the saints?"
Business matters, and Qing Ye is too lazy to talk: "Let’s not beat around the bush. I remember that you have the central Yuxu apricot yellow flag, one of the innate five flags. I came here today to borrow it."
When Kunpeng’s face changed, this Qing Ye actually put his thoughts on his central jade apricot yellow flag, and his heart was furious: "Borrow? Well said, I’m afraid I can’t repay it if I borrow it. " Moreover, Kunpeng beheaded the second corpse by this central jade deficiency apricot yellow flag. If Qing Ye borrowed it, his strength would be damaged. Unless he finds another innate treasure to entrust the beheaded second corpse, he will never say that he has achieved a mixed sage in his life, and even the quasi-holy peak can no longer be reached.
"The central jade apricot yellow flag? Violet saint, are you kidding? " Kun Peng looks pale.
Qing Ye said slowly, "It’s fate that the Central Yuxu apricot yellow flag should be used to protect my sixth disciple Jiang Ziya. Although I don’t know how you got it in those days, since you have used it for so many years, you should be satisfied."
Kunpeng’s face became even uglier, but he believed what Qing Ye said, because since he got the apricot yellow flag of the central jade deficiency in that year, although he pinned his trust on it to cut off the second corpse, he could not completely integrate.
Is it really providence’s attention that this innate spirit flag is not what you deserve?
However, if Kun Peng wanted to surrender the central jade apricot yellow flag in vain, how could Kun Peng be willing? He was faintly angry when he was unwilling: "Qing Ye, you said a good excuse and wanted to crush the central jade apricot yellow flag, so he said, why make up these stories? What does it matter to me that your sixth disciple Jiang Ziya is a deity? Don’t your six disciples’ lives matter, and our lives don’t matter? !”
When Kunpeng thought that the central jade apricot yellow flag would be lost, he was angry and called Qing Ye by his first name.
Qing Ye snorted, his clothes were windless and automatic, the surrounding space was squeezed, and the airflow was tyrannical. Standing in Iceland, he slowly cracked: "So, we have to do it again." Kun Peng said angrily, "I’m afraid you won’t succeed." Say that finish, then flash, came to the air millions of miles away, it is the first cold frozen soul array.
With a wave of his hand, I saw Kunpeng’s demon division palace flying thousands of miles away. When the demon division palace flew, tens of millions of miles of space in the North Ghost were icy and icy, and the cold wind was whistling. The white sky flashed blue air masses, and the air masses were constantly twisted together, constantly hovering, with amazing momentum. On the top of Kunpeng’s array heart, an acre of Qingyun appeared, and above Qingyun, I saw a huge one.
On top of the big fish, it is the central Yuxu apricot yellow flag, which is one of the congenital five-party flags in Wan Li, Huang Guangyao. The central Yuxu apricot yellow flag keeps popping up golden flowers, protecting the Kunpeng and the ontology, and it is awe-inspiring.
See Kunpeng drink, demon master palace like a piece of tissue paper, lightly flying to Qing Ye and nuwa, Qing Ye is know, although this demon master palace seems light and powerless, but it is hundreds of millions of pounds, however, saw the demon master palace that flew over to him, Qing Ye smiled at nuwa: "I just have to do it, and you are watching how your husband is. "You’re just bullying the small with the big," Cui said. Qing Ye wry smile: "wronged, I am self-defense."
Qing Ye say that finish, also didn’t reveal the heaven and earth xuanhuang exquisite tower and other treasures, just show a thousand feet Pangu himself, to the demon palace in the hundreds of miles that came lightly, and the whole body was twisted and fleshy, and the thunder tendons that crisscrossed the whole body faintly flashed purple thunder. Qing Ye had a good drink, and his fists as big as hills were bombarded at the demon palace. At the time of bombardment, his fists emitted a bluish-red flame, and vanity was broken. "Hey!
Chapter ninety-nine Kunpeng unconscious
The Demon Master’s Palace was blown out of thousands of miles straight, and it shook for a long time before it was stable.
Kunpeng’s facial expression changed. The Demon Master Palace was made of the largest cold jade that suppressed the Shaqi in the heaven, which was refined from the bottom of the Northern Ghost. It was better than the general acquired Lingbao, and it was one of his greatest reliance after countless years of refining.
Kunpeng’s face was determined, and Qingyun on the top gave a clear light, spinning round and round. Above Qingyun, the ontology gave a clear cry like a fish like a dragon like a bird, and the voice was harsh. Then, when the wings of the sky were hanging, a green light was injected into the demon palace. I saw that the demon palace with hundreds of millions of jade steps in Wan Li seemed to have drunk stimulants, and it gave off a green light, as bright as a green sun, a little bit.
Demon division palace roared to Qing Ye again, as fast as time, only to see a broad green light across the northern ghost space, leaving a series of cracks, and then pressed to Qing Ye and Nu Wa’s head in the blink of an eye.
When Qing Ye saw this, he sighed to Nu Wa: "It’s a pity."
Why is it a pity? Qing Ye is a pity for Kunpeng. This Kunpeng is a heterogeneous species at the beginning of heaven and earth. It is unique and powerful. Unfortunately, heaven is cruel, but he can’t have the opportunity to prove the Tao. Otherwise, it seems that Kunpeng, Styx and others can also prove the achievements of mixed yuan saints.
The Demon Master’s Palace turned into a dazzling turquoise sun, and it was as hot as the real sun burning on the surface of the sun. Wan Li, an icy ocean in the north, seemed to be boiled. When Qing Ye and Nu Wa saw it, they all showed the colorful auspicious spirit of saints, and held the turquoise light so that they could not enter. Then Qing Ye’s Pangu really held the Pangu clock.
A loud bell resounded through the heavens and the earth, shaking, and went straight to the other side of the sky. Even the 36 heavenly palaces in heaven were affected, shaking, and Heaven of Science, who was fighting with the Queen Mother of the West in bed, was scared to shrink. This bell was naturally familiar to Heaven of Science, thinking that it was Qing Ye who came to bully again. He quickly braked halfway and got up from the plump county of the Queen Mother of the West.
Qing Ye, who is far away in the far north of the world, didn’t know that Pangu Bell’s loud noise had shrunk the heaven of science, but when Kunpeng was shocked, the green light of the demon master’s palace was delayed, and castration was slowed down. Qing Ye’s thousand feet of Pangu really gave off a faint light, and the thunder tendons protruded, and the power of terror broke out, and his fists clenched like iron mountains.
Looking at the tiny cracks in the Demon Division Palace, Kun Peng was surprised and angry, and his heart was dreary. Looking at Qing Ye, his eyes were full of anger and hatred, and this Qing Ye was hateful! It’s cruel!
With a loud roar, Kunpeng offered a knife, which was the magic knife for refining blood. See refined blood magic knife, evil spirits wail, lotus flower Wan Li, although Kun Peng also used refined blood magic knife defeated by Qing Ye, but after countless years of sacrifice and fusion, this refined blood magic knife is more than several times stronger than that, and now with the help of cold and frozen soul array, it may be successful.
After the blood-refining magic sword was sacrificed, I saw that its blade was constantly condensing and scattering lotus flowers, gathering in the shape of blood flowers, and the blood flowers were blooming in the northern ghost space, which made people feel very rare. At the same time, I saw 96 Iceland suspended, and then kept spinning, and a white cold fog dispersed. Ninety-six Iceland were also constantly staggered, disillusioned, and dazzling.
The white and cold fog, once invaded, can freeze people’s souls.
Ye Qing said: "Although the cold and frozen soul array is powerful, it is just a flower shelf and beautiful to us saints." Nuwa said, "Let me do it this time." Qing Ye nodded.
Nu Wa didn’t do any other great magic, but took out a ball, which was the innate Lingbao hydrangea that Hongjun got when he shared the treasure in Zixiao Palace. This hydrangea can be listed as an innate spiritual treasure, which is extraordinary. In addition, after Nu Wa’s achievement as a sage in the mixed Yuan Dynasty, she constantly sacrificed and refined with great mana, and noted a little colorful merit, which is not much worse than Qing Ye’s Kongtong seal.