"I dumped her."
"Oh, me too."
"Ha ha ha ~"
The two men laughed in unison, and the previous dullness was swept away, and the secretion of photophysiological hormones returned to normal.
"You must have had a good time in the game when you look glamorous in obscene songs."
"I almost lost my life when I got an enrollment, otherwise I might be able to live a well-off life. Now food and clothing are a problem. I still have to borrow this dress from other disciples in the sect."
Wu Chima was alarmed by the sudden question from a man in Tsing Yi. Er, I’m here to expand my business, but this is a profit-making charity. Although you can talk to me, it doesn’t mean that we are friends and brothers, and even if we are brothers, we understand the sentence "Brothers do whatever they want."
Well, I’d better distance myself. First, Wu Chi quietly stepped back half a step.
Maple Leaf looked at it with a knife and cursed a sentence in my heart, thinking that this bird wants to run away before I even have a mouth. Forget it. big sleep, who has a showdown with this guy before it is hot.
"Is it convenient for me to borrow some money from you? Of course, I can bet things on you. "
Sure enough, as I expected.
You’re just a newcomer. What can you have if you’re stuck in a small village where birds don’t shit? Wu Chi despised it in his heart, but it was not good for him to test the player’s share, so he refused directly and let Maple Leaf take it out and have a look.
"Blood River Sword Decision"-Tianyu Sword Tactics Strengthened
This isn’t a matching sword with your own flashing golden rainbow sword. Wu Chiwang looked at the yellow silk book in the trading block and hesitated in his heart. He has now won the fourth-order Xuande Lei Yin sword, and the matching things of the golden rainbow sword are now chicken ribs for himself.
"How much maple leaf do you want to borrow?"
Wu Chi hesitated for a moment and decided to ask him first. If the amount is small, then sell him himself. If the amount is huge, then I’m sorry to find someone else to venture capital. At least, we should look at the development prospects first. It seems that the player’s name is not so important to influence investors’ choice.
"No more than one land god is enough."
Well, it’s true that there are not many taels of silver, which is quite scary for my former self, but now I can afford hundreds of taels of gold.
"Okay, no problem. To tell you the truth, this sword has nothing to do with me, but what can I say about touching your maple leaf?"
This is a powerful sword decision of the ancient scattered fairy. It was a very powerful sword decision at the beginning of the game. If you didn’t have the money to transfer it for a long distance, you would have found another supporting sword score and sold it too cheaply. This rookie doesn’t know anything.
Maple leaves are annoyed at the knife flow, but they don’t want to explain more. Now, if you want to get the charm, you can go to the destination. If it’s cheap, it’s cheap. Anyway, if there is no supporting sword notation, this thing is defective and of little value
After the transaction, the maple leaf will go to the land temple to exchange incense for the magical charm Wu Chi. When he said that he was trapped in a crowd of ten thousand people when enrolling students, he would have to change some pieces. After enrolling students, he was so busy that he was too busy to turn around without the maple leaf, and he forgot his previous thoughts.
When they arrived at the land temple, they found that the scene of the land temple was really bleak. The weeds in the front yard of the temple were running around from the big rats, and they were not afraid of being born. The mud in the land in the temple was like broken yellow paint peeling off, missing a leg table, dust and old thick walls, and the spread of spider silk was really broken.
Wu Chi was a little disappointed that he couldn’t find the trace of the weasel when he came to the land temple. At the beginning, profiteers told him something. Now the game is officially running, and the number of villages in Wudang Mountain is increasing. Although the player’s level is low now, he can’t afford the magic symbol, but this thing will definitely have a big market. It is also good to get a land magic symbol agent himself.
Everything else in the land temple is broken, tables and chairs are also small. Obviously, the economic situation of this land god is really bad, and the facade is rubbish like this, but there is one thing that is extra large, that is, the donation jar, which is always half a person high in black.
"How much silver does this land god want to pack? It’s really ambitious."
Wu Chi smiled and took out the silver and threw it into the jar, so he went to the closet next to get the incense and prepared to change the charm. The land temple is a special building. If the player didn’t donate money and went directly to get the incense, he would be punished by God for nine days, and he would be directly blasted to reincarnation.
Incense flourished in the land temple, and there was more silver in the money donation jar. Wu Chi had seen several land temples, and the silver in the money donation jar was piled up and protruded. Of course, this silver player can’t even take it. If the player touches the silver in the jar, he will be killed by the thunder, and no matter whether you reach level 1 or not, you will experience it all minus 99% of each level.
There have been several times when Wu Chi saw some new people being reported for being greedy for money. I remember this rule very well
One, two, three … Wu Chi took ten incense sticks in all, and looked at the maple leaf next to him, and he changed it himself. He would change ten pieces at a time.
After Wu Chi inserted the incense into the dirty copper incense burner, the earth mud rang like a poop-poop in his stomach, and a few charms fell out of his ass and floated to his feet
One, two and three … "Why are there nine?" Wu Chi called to get up. He got ten incense but nine charms. What’s the matter?
An old and dignified voice sounded, "Due to the decline of temple incense, God reported to the Lord of the City God that the incense money was approved at a uniform price. The price of Wan Li charm was 11. You donated 1 taels of silver in exchange for nine charms. Because you are the first incense burner in the temple, God gave you the name of a devout believer. There is only one article left, which is the extra incense money for devout believers, so just take the charm quickly."
Wu Chi was dumbfounded. He couldn’t speak for a long time. He snickered at the maple leaf. Then he changed the charm and pulled Wu Chi’s sleeve. "Let’s go. You have nothing to say to the earth god. And who does this land look like?"
Wu Chi fainted and looked at the clay statue carefully and suddenly exclaimed, "Zhao Dafu?"
"that’s right, that’s him. Let’s go quickly, or we’ll go without your charm.
"Go, go, go, go."
Wu Chi, outside the land temple, said bitterly, "It’s really fucking bad luck for me to touch this land god."
"It’s fate to touch that. Haha, I’ll leave the obscene song and we’ll meet again." When Maple Leaf was about to urge with a magic charm, she turned back and asked, "Is Tamsui Tsing Yi a sect now?"
"Yes, he said he was going to join the Qingcheng School."
Maple leaves turned slightly "ah" after hearing the answer. "Did this embroidered pillow go to Qingcheng Mountain?"
"Yes, I think he followed a Qingcheng Sect elder and became a disciple of Qingcheng Sect. Qingcheng Sect should be stronger."
The maple leaves seem to have missed the second half of Wu Chi’s sentence and muttered, "I have already gone to Qingcheng Mountain. It seems that I have to speed up."
The yellow sand is full of charms, prompting the maple leaves to flow away without a trace, leaving a loser covered in gravel in the same place, angry and cursing.
The second wind is generally male.
It was not until the next day that Wu Chi dreamed of how to get into the water ditch. His wife, the fat demon, was half-floating on the water and didn’t even bother to brush her experience, so that the slave girl and exquisite could rarely enjoy half an hour of leisure time.
Isn’t it too dangerous to try it again like the last time? Wu Chi’s demon raccoon dog’s fur claws didn’t flap the water for a while, but sometimes it caused quite a splash. The mermaid lay quietly on her back, and the warm sun in early spring shone on her body.
She was really tired, and her master pitied the squeezing, which made her really tired. You know, every time you sing that sad song of "Qingsishuan", you have to spend a lot of energy and mind, and you can’t make it up by taking some pills.