I went back to my room and just wanted to take a bath when I heard someone knocking at the door.
"Who is it?" I asked.
"It’s me, Tang Honghao" came from outside.
Tang Honghao? Why do you want to see me at this time?
I glanced at it. It was nine o’clock.
We saw that Tang Honghao, who wore black-rimmed glasses and dyed Huang Maosheng’s baby face, smiled warmly at me at the door.
"What is Hao Ge?" I also smiled and asked him.
"I’m 17 years old. Brother Tong just calls me Xiao Hao. Everyone in the team calls me that." Tang Honghao laughed.
I nodded and smiled. "All right, Xiao Hao."
Tang Honghao said, "Well, for my birthday tonight, I want to invite everyone to sing K and eat supper. We are comrades-in-arms and haven’t gone out to play together."
I see. It’s normal to meet new friends in a new environment. Sooner or later, someone will come out first. Now that someone is organizing and treating me, I’m naturally happy.
I laughed heartily. "No problem. When?"
Tang Honghao replied, "Now, let’s go to KV to sing until twelve o’clock and have a supper. Don’t make it too late. We have to train in the day."
I nodded and said, "Okay."
Tang Honghao said shyly, "Brother Tong, why don’t you go with me and shout for a bell? I don’t know her well and haven’t talked to her yet."
I look a little unnatural when I hear this. It’s strange that that chick will go. Maybe she’ll give me another look later.
Thinking of this, I looked bitter and said, "Okay, but her personality doesn’t know if she will sell you noodles."
Tang Honghao said, "Whatever, I’m not forced."
So Tang Honghao and I went to knock on the bell.
"Who is it?" Zhong Xinyi’s tone is not good from the door. It seems that previous events have also provoked her to be in a bad mood.
I winked at Tang Honghao and Tang Honghao immediately said, "Ah, it’s Tang Honghao."
"Who is Tang Honghao?" Zhong Xin added
"… is to play wild with you in the training match" Tang Honghao looked at me awkwardly and said.
"Here comes" the door comes, and Zhong Xin knocks on it.
A faint fragrance came from the door, and Zhong Xin saw Tang Honghao and saw it again, whistling and fooling around. When I frowned at Tang Honghao, I said, "What do you want with me?"
Tang Honghao laughed. "Well, it’s my birthday today. I’d like to invite our substitute team members to sing a KV and have a midnight snack. I hope Sister Zhong Xin can enjoy her face."
Zhong Xin looked at Tang Honghao with a frown while holding the door, and then said, "I can’t sing and I won’t go if I don’t eat at night. I wish you a happy birthday. Sorry."
Say Zhong Xin will close the door.
Then Tang Honghao quickly said, "Don’t, Sister Zhong, today is my tenth birthday. It’s very important that I am far away from home and lonely. I usually train and have no freedom. I just want to celebrate my birthday and get together with a group of friends. Besides, our team has never been together. Today is a good opportunity. I beg Sister Zhong to enjoy my face."
Hum, if I don’t have a personality, I won’t go. If I don’t promise, I won’t bother to BB again. This Tang Honghao is also interesting. He told me before that he couldn’t force it, but now he is trying to persuade people that it is really incomprehensible.
Zhong Xin is still cold, just like the princess imprisoned in the frost castle for thousands of years. Oh, my point is not that the princess has been imprisoned for thousands of years, and her brain has been broken. It is difficult for people to communicate and see that everyone seems to owe her 5 million
It’s hard for Zhong Xin to say, "Well, I’ll go early and go back early. I’m not used to staying up late at night."
Tang Honghao immediately said "Good!"
"Wait for me first, then. I’ll change." Zhong Xin said.