In this era, children don’t eat much, and even less rural children.
So the two of them not only picked up more than half of the jujube trees and green dates, but also dug up a few smaller jujube trees around them and put them away, so that they could eat delicious dates at any time after a while
As soon as I turned my head, I saw Su Fang blinking a pair of eyes and looking forward to looking at myself, which means self-evident.
"Want to go inside?" JiLan rubbed his Soviet head, and he liked it more and more.
"Uh-huh!" Su Fangli nodded very coquetry "husband, you let me go in and plant jujube trees!" Will you, husband? "
I really didn’t expect that JiLan couldn’t help but feel proud when he was acting like a grown-up all the time.
Sure enough, it’s his credit. If he hadn’t worked hard to make his family unable to make a living these days, where would the Soviet side have such a relaxing moment?
In my heart, I think so, but I don’t smile. "Good, I’ll let you out when I get home soon."
When he started a move, Su Fang disappeared from his face and was delayed by such a delay. At noon, Jilan no longer stayed and picked up the lost dates, and then followed the mark left when he came back to the village.
When they came out this time, they turned over four mountains. It took a long time to go back, although it was faster, but it took Jilan nearly two hours. It was only after Qijia Village that this mountain was released from the forest that Jilan wondered that his body had recovered almost. It was time to start exercising, otherwise he would have been a waste.
See Sudan that sparkling eyes JiLan smile "? Did Xiaofang plant jujube trees? "
Su Fang nodded again and again. "It’s so amazing to plant a husband, and it’s so comfortable to stay in it."
"If you like it, you will have the opportunity to go in often, but you must remember that you can’t let a third person know that even twins can’t know?"
JiLan pulling Su Fangshan also don’t forget to wake him up.
"I know, husband, by the way, can we grow vegetables in it? There is also a kind of food, so that our family will have land and we will not buy everything."
For the Soviet side, it is most reassuring that the villagers are natural or have land.
"Of course, it’s good for your health to eat the vegetables and grains grown in it."
JiLan didn’t refuse the Soviet proposal. No, this is the real waste of time.
However, this matter still needs to be summed up. First of all, he must buy a field after the house is built.
Otherwise, if you don’t have fields and don’t buy food at home, you’ll never lack food at home, right?
However, these things need to be done slowly. It is urgent to build the winter house now, otherwise everything else is nonsense.
When they went back, the twins had already taken a nap at the village head’s house, and now they are playing with their friends in their house.
Of course, the most important thing is to wait for a good jam water!
"Brother-in-law, you are finally back!" Qi Feng saw JiLan immediately jumped up with excitement.
JiLan was immediately surrounded by a group of radish heads.
Qi Lan picked it up and was pulled by Qi Feng and ran to Qi Yue. Then she reached out and played Qi Feng’s eyebrows. "I think what you really want to say is that jam water is finally back, right?"
Qi Feng suddenly giggled.
That being said, JiLan still resigned herself to mixing a bowl of jam water for the radish heads, and then filling several kettles for the older children to send jam to the construction site. It was cold boiled water, so I didn’t worry about scalding the children.
At this time, the Soviet side has already warmed up. At noon, the construction site left them food. When they forgot to take the road, they ate some dates to satisfy their hunger. At this moment, they just wolfed down their food without any image.
When JiLan filled his stomach, he took the basket mountain. When they took it out again, they put some dates and mushrooms in it.
"Xiao Fang, when the children come back later, let them take these dates and divide them."
Qi Lan found a dustpan to spread the mushrooms one by one. There are a lot of mushrooms picked this time. He is going to leave some days for the construction site to dry the rest, so that he can eat them even in winter.
"Good husband" Su Fang nodded obediently. He knew that it was a small part of the remaining big head that was still in the husband’s house.
Chapter 7 Change
Early the next morning, Qi Lan showed that he had to go to the town to buy him a dozen catties of sugar, and then he gave the twins to the village head. Then he couldn’t wait to take Su Fang to the mountain once. In fact, he came to want to go alone, but he was worried that Su Fang could take Su Fang with him.
Fortunately, the two people are progressing very smoothly. Qi Lan puts one end of the rope around his waist and the other end in a big tree, and then slides down the cliff a little bit.
Although there was a little thrill, it was a thrill
The Dendrobium candidum Qilan asked for half of it, but there are actually four Dendrobium seedlings. These Dendrobium are not allowed to be taken away before they are born here.
He even put a lot of spring water in that gap to make Dendrobium grow better, and after he decided, he often came to see this Dendrobium and gave it some spring water.
Although there are four plants, it is enough for Qi Lan, who has black soil inside, which can greatly shorten the growth period of the plant and is not affected by the climate.
That is to say, whether it is tropical or growing in cold, it can grow perfectly in the forest
This is the biggest golden finger.
"Husband, be careful" Sudan watched with trepidation until JiLan was pulled from the cliff, which greatly relieved him and really relieved him that he came to say that he was going to pick Dendrobium.
After all, he is much lighter than my husband, and he is not worried about the broken rope-although my husband didn’t break the rope when he went.
But my husband didn’t agree that he didn’t have the backing.
Su Fangneng has been worried and waiting.
"Xiao Fang, wait for me first. Dendrobium has been planted for a long time."
JiLan couldn’t wait to get in as soon as he climbed in, so he simply explained the Soviet side.
Looking at the ground in front of me, Su Fangli stared at it, and finally he was in a bad mood to hold his mouth and accept the fact that he was left behind by his husband.
Su Fang is in a bad mood. Jilan doesn’t know that he is busy in the forest at the moment. At this time, compared with when he first came to this world, everything has changed greatly. At this time, an original spring has differentiated into a pond, and those fish that Jilan put into Lingquan are all in this pond.
Those rabbits and pheasants seem to be separated by invisible barriers so that they can’t walk around freely in the park. There are Qi Lan in both places, and occasionally they sneak in to plant weeds in the mountains. These are the food for rabbits and pheasants.
Yesterday, however, the Soviet side planted several jujube trees, and there was a tall jujube tree beside the Lingquan spring, which was lush and full of spirit.
On the other side, there is still a lot of ploughed land. This was last night when Qi Lan and Su Fang sneaked in and planted several kinds of vegetables while the twins were asleep. Now a little green shoots have sprouted, and they must be able to eat the vegetables in it soon.
In fact, these days, Qi Lan took out rabbits and pheasants and kept them in it for a few days.
Although it lasts for a short time, it tastes much better than those outside, and eating the food that has been raised by Yun is a little good for people.
Now JiLan came in with Dendrobium candidum and suddenly felt as if an inexplicable force had sprung up in the room, followed by a storm. When JiLan reacted, he found that the original spiritual spring and land suddenly appeared a mountain, and an inexplicable consciousness let him know that just a few Dendrobium candidum had been planted somewhere in this mountain.
"Isn’t this amazing?" The owner, Qi Lan, has been confused. He never knew that it would change and be able to plant automatically.
"Wait, is it because this is Dendrobium? Dendrobium is a very valuable medicinal material, and it is rare in the wild. Is it because of this that such changes will occur? "
JiLan more think more think it should be like this, after all, he also secretly planted a few cabbages, even didn’t have a chance to get the second kind.
What’s worse, what precious medicinal materials are there? Naturally, there is no way to change them.