Yu Changfeng got the message and rolled his eyes. He grabbed Yunyi and said, "Ben Shao and his younger brother Yu Changying went out to play, and they happened to meet Yunyi and Ningling, the brothers of Changsheng Pavilion under the celestial gate. They talked happily with each other and became friends. They just ran to the site of Youquanmen to play, that’s all."
YuChangFeng, YuChangYing, YunYi, XinYou, NingLing five people set foot on the interstellar transfer matrix, with the transfer matrix light flash disappeared out of thin air.
Here, Duanmu Yunhai arranged the troops brought by Chen Han and Ying Zheng, but with several core figures, and more than 200 Xianjun from Shuiyun Building went straight to Ningbixing.
Ning Bixing.
In the Yisha galaxy adjacent to the Huansha galaxy, there is a world-class planet with extremely beautiful environment.
The waters of this planet account for more than 90% of the surface area, so the number of immortals living in it is much less, which also causes a small number of cities on the planet and little damage to the natural environment.
Ningbi City is named after the planet, and it is also the largest and most prosperous city with the largest building area. Few people dare to use force in the city with strict management on weekdays.
At this moment, outside a mansion on a street, there is a tense situation. In fact, someone has long reported the situation to the official, but the duke and even the star owner are hiding at home and dare not come out, because the two sides facing each other here are not the people they can provoke at all.
The man in a bright purple gown looks 2067 years old, and his appearance is handsome and extraordinary, but the tyranny and arrogance in his breath make people stay away from him.
He was followed by hundreds of fierce guys, all of whom called out a magic weapon with excellent quality, and on the opposite side were dozens of people who were not weak. As for the guards of the mansion itself, they have been scared to death for a long time. How could they not know the identities of these two parties?
When the two parties are in a state of confrontation outside, in a slant hall of the mansion, a stunning woman in a long blue dress sits in a chair wordlessly, as if ice had never melted in ten thousand years.
There was a thin old man sitting at the head. He shook his head and sighed: "Xiao Ping, when I was doing business in the Xingyu of Chongqing, I accidentally saved you from the bandits. Is it several years now?"
The stunning woman was silent for a moment, her eyes flashed with an invisible gratitude, and the word lightly was squeezed out through her teeth.
The elder probably got used to her cold personality, and continued: "Now, the two elder candidates are all in love with you and have been fighting for you for so long. The sea of clouds adult is aboveboard, has not been forced on you, but everywhere in order to protect your thoughtfulness, but Kong Liu adult … "
"I understand." The woman who is called a small screen is still indifferent.
"Emotionally, I hope you follow Lord Yunhai, but you should know the character of Lord Kong Liu. If … maybe I am too selfish, but I still have a big family around me."
"I won’t get you into trouble."
"Alas …"
"Sir, there’s going to be another fight outside!"
As soon as the sigh of the old man fell, Luo Tianxian, dressed in a household costume, hurried in to leave, and the old man waved his hand feebly: "For more than three years, I have been making trouble all day, and Lord Kong Liu has put pressure on the duke and the star owner, and the business of the firm has plummeted. When will it end like this?"
Xiao Ping pinched her lips tightly and suddenly stood up: "You don’t have to worry about this matter. Since it started with me, let me handle it."
"You …"
"When you saved my life and took me in for many years, you have nothing to repay for your great kindness. If you are implicated in my business again, it will be too unreasonable."
"What are you going to do?"
"Marry Kong Liu."
"Son, I … well, I can see that you are also a sad person. We are only to blame for our limited ability, and many things are powerless to change!"
Small screen didn’t speak again, his figure flashed out of the slant hall, and the old man followed with a sigh. Even if he couldn’t change the reality, he didn’t want her to have an accident.
I don’t know why, when I was traveling in Hong Kong, I accidentally found that she was bullied by local bandits. When I saw that she was obviously in a disadvantage, I didn’t have the slightest fear or even any emotion, so I felt a kind of heart-wrenching pain. So, I killed those bandits and rescued her, and took her in for so many years, always treating her as my own child. All this seemed to happen naturally for no reason.
Maybe it’s because of her heart-like expression, maybe it’s because in less than ten years, she became a proud talent from the late stage of Taiyi Jinxian to the early stage of picking Jinxian. In short, she became a member of this family.
No matter what the reason is, when her existence threatens the whole family, isn’t it a dilemma?
Chapter 587 Destroy your ten families
Booming …
In the mansion, you can faintly feel that more than 100 people on both sides have already become a ball because of the filar silk shock caused by the aftermath of the outer fighting.
Hundreds of people, led by the young man in purple shirt, were obviously better in number and comprehensive strength, and dozens of others were killed in a flash.
"Even if that fellow in the sea of clouds is present, he can’t compete with this seat. Now that that fellow is absent, why do you want to block this seat with these humble things?"
The young man looked disdainful to the extreme, but the immortal sword he controlled gave him arrogant capital. When he spoke, he easily tore the three immortals into pieces. As a candidate elder of Youquanmen, he has just broken through to the early stage of Xianjun, and his fighting power is even close to that of an ordinary early stage Xiandi.
"Stop it!"
The cold voice came from the gate of the mansion, and the small screen of a blue dress attracted people’s attention like an empty valley and a secluded land.
At this time, the old man also came out of the gate and bowed to the young man: "My villain Wen Qiubai has seen Lord Kong Liu. Please forgive me for coming late."
"We forgive you for your innocence, haha …"
Kong Liu saw Xiao Ping’s murderous look immediately reduced by more than half, and laughed and walked up to her: "Let’s just say, since Screen knows I’m here, why can’t she stay behind closed doors?" All right, kill the rest of the idiots. We’re in a good mood today. Leave them a whole body to live in. "
"Kong Liu, let them go." Small screen motioned with her eyes that she was referring to the group of people who were killed under the sea of clouds.
"Let them go?"
Kong Liu’s face suddenly cooled down and sink a track: "What’s our status? If these things dare to block this seat, they must be prepared to be killed. If they are released, what will be their face? I can promise you anything, but this is impossible! "
As an elder candidate, the status is extremely noble. The competition among the 38 candidates is merit, political achievements, and who overwhelms who, but the root of the final competition is face and authority.
"If I decide to marry you, will you still kill them?" Small screen said flatly.
"Then you can collect my body."